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The Phaselock Code
Through Time, Death, and Reality: The Metaphysical Adventures of the Man Who Fell Off Everest Point here for more book info

by Roger Hart

Paraview Pocket Books, 2003
ISBN: 0-7434-7725-1
Eastern philosophy, 368 pages
Trade paperback, $14.00

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Excerpts from The Phaselock Code

  Another cold night in the Himalayas.

Night did not fall in these mountains; instead the shadows climbed upward, sliding across barren cliffs like supernatural beings. Approaching the summits they leapt from ridge to ridge with increasing speed and agility, then devoured the last morsels of light from tips of the highest peaks and closed the vault of endless darkness.

In the blink of an eye, the vastness of space drew the energy and hope out of me. Even the emerging stars gave no comfort. At that altitude they did not twinkle, but stared cold, steady, and distant. I was alone in the bottom of an icy ocean of space too bleak even for ghosts. Tibetan Buddhists advise the dying to let go of earthly possessions, to focus on the white light of the afterlife. In the Himalayas, the purgatory of cold and loneliness burns away the attachments that bind ghosts to earth. Like the shadows of twilight, the souls of the dead shoot straight from the snow-clad mountaintops through the vault of the heavens without thinking twice.

I crawled into the tent, curled into my sleeping bag, struck a match, and lit the stove. The familiar smells of sulfur and butane, the sound of the blue flame purring like a cat, gave me comfort. But I couldn’t shake the image in my mind that only the thin membrane of the nylon tent sheltered me from the mountains of shadows that stretched all the way back to the big bang.…

During the months in India and through conversations with the physicists at the Physical Research Laboratory I had come to equate the Void with the quantum vacuum.

“You mean everything is connected at some level?” I asked.

“Yes,” replied Guruji. “Consciousness is composed of vibrations, and all matter to some degree is conscious. We and the stars are part of the same field of vibrations. Separation is only an illusion.”

“I can see the possibility that everything is connected through a field of information in the Void, but how does that enable one to see the future?" I asked.

“It’s like this.” Guruji’s eyes were full of delight, humor, and love. “When thought stops, time stops. If you immerse in the eternal present, then there is no difference between this moment and the next.”

“You mean the future can be predicted because at some levels time doesn’t exist?” It was beginning to make sense to me. If time didn’t really exist, then the future would be present now and it might be possible to make contact with it.

Guruji laughed and shook his head in affirmation. “Precisely, there is only one instant of time, and that is now. God is continuously asking us if we want to be enlightened this instant. We say, ‘No, not right now,’ and that thought creates time.”

© Roger Hart 2003

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