Swimming to Atlantis

Swimming to Atlantis
A Novel
by Charles J. Hebert

Pontalba Press, 1997
ISBN: 0965314502
Fiction, 296 pages
Hardcover, $17.95

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Anyone who has visited New Orleans understands that it’s where the real world meets other-worldly matters. In Swimming to Atlantis, Charles Hebert presents a New Orleans metaphysical murder mystery in which young professional Andrew Jordan encounters Christian Waterman, a homeless, web-footed clairvoyant claiming to be heir to the throne of the lost city of Atlantis. As Andrew is pulled further into Waterman’s world, he comes to realize that what cannot be true can be. Readers will be caught up in the suspense of the story as well as the colorful New Orleans characters.

  Charles J. Hebert

CHARLES J. HEBERT is an attorney practicing in metropolitan New Orleans. He is also the author of Angels and Pancakes, a novella, and the short story "Chinchuba Pond," both published by Pontalba Press.


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