Exploring New and Provocative Horizons
August 14, 2004

10 AM until 10 PM
At the Heritage Center in Virginia Beach, VA.


10:00  Yvonne Seng, Ph.D. , author of Men in Black Dresses: A Quest for the Future Among Wisdom Makers of the Middle East Yvonne takes us on an exotic and enlightening journey to visit the mystical religious figures-the Men in Black Dresses–who guide the soul of the Arab world.  She recounts her daring and fearless journeys to remote desert monasteries, Sufi enclaves, and ancient cathedrals where she met religious visionaries of the Middle East.  Dr. Seng is a cultural historian specializing in the Middle East. 


11:00  Michael Grosso, Ph.D., author of Experiencing the Next World Now. The other side is closer than you think… From the scientific underground of psychic research, Dr. Michael Grosso presents a stunning report on the evidence for life after death. Grosso shows us how to open these passages or at least peek through the available keyholes and glimpse what may lie beyond.  Dr. Grosso is a professor of philosophy.


12:00  Stase Michaels, author of Bedside Guide to Dreams. According to psychologist Stase Michaels, dreams are messages that reveal the dreamer’s personality as well as his or her lifetime goals. Stase reveals her simple five-step method to dream interpretation and the 27 dream types she’s identified. With this approach, you’ll understand the deeper and wider context of your dreams, which will help you gain insights into your relationships, health issues, creativity, and larger goals. 

1:00--2:30 Lunch Break


2:30  Loren Coleman, author of Bigfoot: The True Story of Ages in America. Loren Coleman is a leading researcher of the Bigfoot phenomenon.  Loren presents a comprehensive and entertaining look at America’s biggest mystery.  And he answers to some essential questions: Does Bigfoot even exist? Is Bigfoot some sort of ape? How does it survive? How does it reproduce?


3:30  Nick Redfern, author of Three Men Seeking Monsters takes us on an X-Files meets-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-style escapade in hot pursuit of werewolves, lake monsters, giant cats, ghostly devil dogs and ape-men. A real-life Harry Potter for grownups or rather, a Mothman Prophecies for Generation Next. An Englishman now transplanted to Texas, Redfern is the author of many other books, including Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown.


4:30  Q&A Author Panel moderated by Patrick Huyghe, Editor-in-Chief of Paraview Pocket Books.

6:00-8:00 Dinner Break

  Patrick Huyghe

8:00  Jenny Wade, PhD., author of Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil. What could be better than sex?  This lecture is about lovemaking that changes people -- new realities, producing altered states of consciousness, religious experiences. Dr. Wade is on the faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.  


9:00  Kristina Borjesson, author of  Into The Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press.  Kristina takes us on her journey of investigating the crash of TWA flight 800.  She gives us an inside look at what it is like to be an investigative reporter for the network news.



 Admission fee: $60 for the full day
--come and go as you please

 Please send your $60 check made out to Paraview to:
Lisa Hagan, Paraview, Inc., 40 Florence Circle, Bracey, VA 23919


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