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The Book of Ceremonies
A Native Way of Honoring and Living the Sacred
by Gabriel Horn

New World Library, 2000
ISBN: 1577310624
Native American Studies, 288 pages
Hardcover, $20.00

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Celebrated Native American writer Gabriel Horn weaves a beautiful tapestry of stories and short pieces that show us the sacred Native way of life. The writing is beautiful and emotional throughout. It is the work of a talented writer who has walked the native path for years, and is able to show us the native way in all aspects of life. The Book of Ceremonies offers clear explanations of to a wide variety of ceremonies.

There are ceremonies for: *Marriage / • Pregnancy / • Birth / • Greeting the Day / • Death *Divorce / • Presenting an Infant to the Sun / • Dreams and Visions *Solstice and Equinox / • Healing / • And many others... 

The Book of Ceremonies is a beautiful gift book, filled with striking original art. Interwoven throughout are native creation accounts, love songs, poems, prayers, and traditional stories as well as instructions for vision quests, and many rituals and ceremonies. It is a book for all to treasure who live on this sacred land, for it shows us the breadth and depth of the understanding and spirituality of its indigenous people.

  Gabriel Horn

is the author of numerous books, including Contemplations of a Primal Mind, Native Heart: An American Indian Odyssey, and Ceremony in the Circle of Life, a children's book that has received the National Council of Social Studies Teachers Notable Children’s Trade Award. One of the original American Indian Movement (AIM) teachers who helped establish the AIM Survival Schools in the 1970s, Horn lectures nationwide on writing and the environment. He lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. 

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