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Swamp Gas Times
My Two Decades on the
UFO Beat

by Patrick Huyghe

Paraview Press, 2001
ISBN: 1-931044-27-9
Journalism/UFOs, 349 pp
Trade paperback: $17.95

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SWAMP GAS TIMES is a revealing memoir by a journalist who has covered the UFO field for more than twenty years. This honest, behind-the-scenes look at how the media handle UFO stories also examines the dramatic events and major players that have transformed UFO research in the past quarter century. In a series of commentaries and updates to articles written for the New York Times, Omni, Science Digest, Newsweek, and elsewhere, you'll learn:

  • whether the New York Times and other media organizations have conspired to keep the truth about the UFO phenomenon from the public

  • why “60 Minutes” hasn’t pursued the UFO mystery

  • what the government really knows about UFOs (and whether or not the president has been told)

  • what role NASA has agreed to play in UFO research

  • whether UFO home videos have captured advanced technologies on tape

  • if crime lab techniques could help finger an alien abductor

  • whether defense satellites have tracked objects not of this earth

  • what made Carl Sagan think we may have received signals from an extraterrestrial civilization

  • what the Pentagon says when asked if the military is involved in “alien abductions”

  • and what those top-secret National Security Agency documents reveal about UFOs.

" of the best contemporary writers on the subject...It is refreshing to discover from the pages of this excellent book that the hard-nosed, investigative edge of American UFOlogy is still alive and well."--Jonathan Downes, Wyrd

“The UFO Beat, as Huyghe calls it, is a drama of many scenes based upon a puzzling complex of physical, physiological, and psychological phenomena… The personalities involved are fascinating; and Huyghe has confronted many of them in his many articles …His interviews and oversight give him an unrivaled vantage point… It’s an insider’s view well told.” --William Coirliss, Science Frontiers

" of the best journalists covering the UFO scene...fascinating, level-headed and filled with behind-the-scenes insights... highly  recommended..." 
--Peter Robbins,

"The UFO book of summer 2001! ...[will] please readers looking for something other than the usual dry recitation of sightings."
--F. Milton Olsen III, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy

"Huyghe lives up to his ambition of tackling the topic with honesty and integrity. This one comes highly recommnded..."
--Kenn Thomas, 

"[Huyghe] is an excellent journalist and editor... with a keen sense of objectivity, awareness and insight. I highly recommend his latest..." 
- UFO Lawyer Peter Gersten

" excellent writer... will keep the reader turning the pages as they review highlights of the past half century." 
--Dwight Connelly, MUFON UFO Journal

"Swamp Gas Times provides an important historical record of media coverage on this subject and therefore has much to teach us." -- Leslie Kean, Journal of Scientific Exploration

  Patrick Huyghe

was a freelance science journalist for more than two decades during which he also acted as contributing editor to Science Digest and Omni. He has authored numerous books, including a series of field guides to the unknown for Avon and Quill; taught science writing at the college level; produced public TV documentaries for WGBH-Boston and WNET-New York; and written texts and interactive scripts for science exhibits from New Jersey to Malaysia. He is currently the editor-in-chief of Paraview Press and also edits a print and web journal on the mysteries of science, history, and nature called The Anomalist.

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