PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science

PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena
by Marie D. Jones

New Page Books, 2006
ISBN: 1564148955
Paranormal, 256 pages
Trade paperback, $10.87

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“The supernatural is the natural not yet understood.”
Elbert Hubbard – American philosopher

Take a trip down the rabbit hole to a wild and mysterious place where science and the supernatural converge. “PSIence” introduces readers to the latest discoveries in quantum physics and New Science that may explain the existence of paranormal phenomena such as UFOs, ghosts, poltergeists, mysterious apparitions, time anomalies, the Bermuda Triangle, energy vortices and even psychic abilities like ESP, telekinesis, remote viewing and past lives recall.

Explore the latest theories of multiple universes, hidden dimensions, time travel, energy fields and superstrings and their relationship to paranormal events. Do UFOs use wormholes to traverse between universes? Are poltergeists energy fluctuations in the Zero Point Field? Does the Bermuda Triangle contain a portal to hidden dimensions? Could even the simple experience of Déjà vu have its explanation in the quantum theory of parallel universes? Do thoughts have the energy to manifest and move physical objects?


This book will examine such topics as:

  • The latest theories of multiple universes and eleven dimensions

  • The Zero Point Field as the potential source of all creative energy

  • Why paranormal experiences might be “contagious”

  • How entities and objects might travel between dimensions and universes

  • The potential of every human to experience the paranormal

  • The amazing parallels between ancient religions and modern quantum physics

  • How human consciousness may be the doorway to the world of PSIence


Many of the world’s leading scientists, researchers, philosophers and spiritual leaders, from noted physicists like Michio Kaku to the revered Dalai Lama, are beginning to accept the possibility of alternate realities and dimensions that warp time and space. “PSIence” takes the reader on a journey to where the normal and the paranormal intersect…and where science meets the supernatural.



“In PSIence, Marie Jones takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride into the unknown. Daring to penetrate the shadowy realms that co-exist alongside our own world, Jones provides much food for thought as she weaves together a fascinating theory to explain the many and varied mysteries that have fascinated humankind for millennia. If you are interested in UFOs, ghosts, strange beasts, aliens, ancient mysteries and more, PSIence is a book that you definitely need to read.”
“Marie is an expert layperson in communicating what can be some daunting new science to those who want to know more. She boils it down to its essentials and has done so deftly and brilliantly."
Adapted From the Foreword by Pavel Mikoloski
"What The BLEEP Do We Know!?"
"We now have the facts--details of how science and faith intersect. Matter and energy are infinitely available, and can manifest in virtually any way. Marie D. Jones has done a thorough job of explaining this. She takes us on a journey so complete, this book is worth dozens in your library. Any researcher of the paranormal will be delighted."
-Joshua P. Warren
President, L.E.M.U.R.
“The days of the petro-chemical powered rocket are rapidly coming to an end. With the recent advances in science, particularly quantum physics, it is becoming clear that the future lies in the manipulation of energy at the atomic and sub-atomic level. The once hard line between science and metaphysics is becoming more and more blurred. Einstein’s Unified Field Theory now sounds like The Force in Star Wars. And, if the entire universe is truly one integrated mass of energy, then the Buddhists may be correct about everything being connected to everything else. This concept goes a long way in explaining phenomena such as psychic abilities, prophecy, remote viewing and the long reported actions of UFOs. Marie Jones has joined the list of forward thinking individuals who are taking us to the next level in both science and our understanding of the universe and our place in it.”
-Jim Marrs, journalist and author of the New York Times Bestsellers, ALIEN AGENDA and RULE BY SECRECY
"For centuries, science has mostly avoided the study of the paranormal because the subject isn't something that can be easily put in a test tube and measured. Science simply didn't know how to pose the right questions in order to find answers in this realm. Marie Jones's new book, PSIence, is a bold step forward in applying quantum physics to a millennia-old quandary. The theories she offers are insightful and at times startling. Highly recommended for those who are on a quest for answers."
-Jeff Belanger, founder of, author of THE WORLD’S MOST HAUNTED PLACES, beer maker, singer, songwriter, and janitor.

  Marie Jones

is a New Thought minister and widely published writer of inspirational essays, gift books, short stories, and magazine articles. She is also a screenwriter and has produced a children’s storybook video series for Gigglebug Farms Productions, as well as several direct-to-video projects. She holds a master’s degree in metaphysical studies and is a licensed pastoral counselor. She lives and writes in California.

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