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Exploring Celtic Druidism: 
Ancient Magick and Rituals for Personal Empowerment
by Sirona Knight

New Page Books, 2001
ISBN: 1564144895
Religion & Spirituality, 240 pages
Trade Paperback, $12.99

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An overflowing cauldron of information, magickal works, and Druid rituals, Exploring Celtic Druidism is the first book to present the authentic teachings of the modern Celtic Druid tradition to a popular audience. You'll learn what Druidism is and how to practice it to achieve a more positive and enriching life. Included are easy-to-use instructions for gathering your ritual tools, choosing a craft name, personal initiation, as well as doing magickal works and celebrating the eight Great Days of the year. Exploring Celtic Druidism opens the door to the world of the Druids, the group most closely associated with Stonehenge and the mysterious standing stones. This hands-on training guide can help readers discover the Merlin within them. Exploring Celtic Druidism explains how to attain a high degree of inner-vision through personal initiation.

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  Sirona Knight

SIRONA KNIGHT has considerable strength as a writer, researcher, and teacher. She has been a Third Degree Craftmaster of the Celtic Gwyddonic Druid Tradition for over 13 years. She also has a master's degree in Stress Management from California State University. Her readers are her life blood, she does media appearances, chats on the Net, regular guest appearances at Barnes and Noble in Chico, California, and am a Guest of Honor and High Priestess at the annual Real Witches Ball at Salem West in Columbus, Ohio. Knight has been a Contributing Editor for Magical Blend magazine for the past three years and a featured writer for New Age Retailer and Aquarius magazines. Her home is on ten wooded acres in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, where she lives with her spiritual and writing partner, Michael, her son, Skylor, their dogs (beagles), and a family of cats.

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