The Wiccan Spell Kit

The Wiccan Spell Kit
by Sirona Knight

Citadel Press, 2002 
ISBN: 0806522445
Religion & Spirituality, 
120 pages
Boxed edition with paperback, $24.95

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This fun and fascinating kit includes everything you need to cast the magical spells that can help bring you the things you've always wanted in life, whether it’s love, health, wealth or peace. Guided by Sirona Knight, you can follow simple instructions for creating dozens of enchantments, potions, essential oils, and incense. 

With The Wiccan Spell Kit, you’ll have all of the provisions for your rituals. Knight explains simple but powerful and modern spells such as the Magic Wand Spell, the Lucky Coins and Leprechauns Spell, the Internet Chat Computer Spell, and the Crystal Cave Spell. She also explores the best times to spin spells, the power of color, and the sacred words of power -- as well as instructions on how to create your own magical circle. 

Along with the spell manual, The Wiccan Spell Kit includes: 

  • Sage smudging wand 

  • Miniature witch's broom 

  • Lavender essential oil 

  • Tumbled clear quartz crystal 

  • Pentacle

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  Sirona Knight

SIRONA KNIGHT has considerable strength as a writer, researcher, and teacher. She is a Third Degree Craftmaster of the Celtic Gwyddonic Druid Tradition, has a master's degree in Stress Management from California State University, and is a certified hypnotherapist. She has written a number of books on Wicca and Celtic spirituality, including Exploring Celtic Druidism, Dream Magic, The Witch and Wizard Training Guide, and A Witch Like Me. Knight has been a Contributing Editor for Magical Blend magazine and a featured writer for New Age Retailer and Aquarius magazines. Her home is on ten wooded acres in the Sierra Foothills of northern California, where she lives with her spiritual and writing partner, Michael, her son, Skylor, their dogs (beagles), and a family of cats. 

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