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River of a Thousand Tales
Encounters with Spirit, Reflections from Science

by Rao Kolluru

Paraview Press, 2001
ISBN 1-931044-07-4
Spirituality & Science, 200 pp
Trade Paperback: $13.95

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You are about to embark on a journey to the East and to the West, outward and inward, and beyond. Join the pilgrim as he encounters a sage by the sacred river in the Himalayas and finds enlightenment in the sage's parables and vignettes. These tales, at once simple, revealing, and inspiring, unveil mind and matter, nature and nurture, mindfulness and meditation, duties and rewards, life and death, the individual and the universal, the finite and the infinite. 

The author reflects on these tales in the context of environmental biology, public health, astrophysics, and related disciplines, and offers practical guidance for everything from business to wellness, all the while separating science from nonsense with irreverent humor. 

"...It's just lovely, simple and yet so very profound. It refreshed my memory of many teachings and stories I have received and so many I have not. I treasure River ... very much and keep it nearby to read it at random."
--Buddhist scholar Anthony Bucci

"River of a Thousand Tales... wonderful reading, filled with vignettes and anecdotes from Rao's life and scholarship in every corner of the world, and reflects the distinguished work of a rare mind." 
-- John Helm, Central Presbyterian Church, Montclair

  Rao Kolluru

Following a diversified career in health, environment, and business, spanning three decades, Rao Kolluru journeyed from the canyons of New York to the peaks of the Himalayas in search of Self. He was educated in the East and the West in science and engineering and has a doctorate from Columbia University. His lectures have taken him from Princeton to Peking, and his books on environment and health, published by McGraw-Hill and translated into Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and other languages, serve as texts and references worldwide. His previous book on a metaphysical odyssey was acclaimed as "unique, provocative spirituality for thinking persons." 

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