Awakening Earth: Duane Elgin's website is concerned with building a sustainable and compassionate future.
Bioneers: visionary and practical solutions for restoring the Earth
Conservation International: to conservethe Earth's living natural heritage, our global biodiversity, and to demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature.
Council for Responsible Genetics: fosters public debate about the social, ethical, and environmental implications of genetic technologies.
Paul Devereux, a Paraview Literary Agency client, is the author of Re-Visioning the Earth.
Earthwatch Institute: promoting sustainable conservation of our natural resources and cultural heritage by creating partnerships between scientists, educators and the general public.
EnviroLink Network: the online environmental community
Foundation on Economic Trends (FOET): examines new trends in science and technology and their impact on the environment, the economy, culture, and society.
Future Harvest: international agricultural research and global peace, environmental renewal and health.
Gaiam: a provider of information, goods and services to customers who value the environment, a sustainable economy, healthy lifestyles, and personal development.
Global Resource Action Center for the Environment: works to form new links with the research, policy and grassroots communities to preserve the future of the planet and protect the quality of the environment.
Green Festivals are co-produced by Global Exchange and Co-op America, and bring together green enterprises, environmental groups, leading thinkers on the green economy, and thousands of attendees for a two-day parties devoted to building a green economy.
Green Maps System: helps urban dwellers represent and share the ecological and cultural resources in their cities. 
Green Mountain Energy Company: the largest and fastest growing residential retailer of less polluting energy generated from wind, sun, water, geothermal, biomass and natural gas sources in the U.S.
Greenpeace (USA) / Greenpeace International: the leading independent campaigning organization to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.
Healing Springs: Nathaniel Altman, a Paraview Literary Agency client, is the author of Sacred Trees.
National WildLife Federation: provides education and action to keep the wild in our world.
Naturalist Network: the leading online environmental network
Patagonia: environmentally conscious designers of technical outdoor clothing for skiing, climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, paddling, running, and travel.
Planetwork: The Planetwork Consortium brings together information technology professionals with civil society to create a network of individuals, organizations, and businesses that endorses the Earth Charter.
Real Goods: products for an ecologically sustainable future.
Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology: Founded by Vandana Shiva, it works on biodiversity conservation and protecting people's rights from threats by centralized systems of monoculture in forestry, agriculture, and fisheries.
Timberland: equipping people with shoeware to make a difference in the world.
World Resources Institute: information, ideas, and solutions to global environmental problems
Worldwatch Institute: cross-disciplinary, global environmental information
World Wildlife Fund (USA): working to leave our children a living planet.
WWF Global Network: the site of the "conservation organization."

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