Mysterious People, strange powers, poltergeist girls, psychics, occultists, feral children
Richard Belzer is best known as an actor, but he's also a Paraview Literary Agency client and a fine author, too.
Bio-Mind Super Powers: Ingo Swann is a remote viewer and author of The Apparitions of Mary, which was represented by the Paraview Literary Agency.
Courtney Brown is the author of Cosmic Voyage and a Paraview Literary Agency client.
Ghostvillage is dedicated to providing ghost research, evidence, and discussion from around the world.
Litany Burns is a Paraview Literary Agency client and a psychic who has studied psychic children.
Combat Diaries: Colin Bennett, author of the Paraview Press title Looking for Orthon is the host of this site. 
Crop Circle Connector --- This web site is literally the largest crop circle site on the internet.
The Cryptozoologist: Loren Coleman is a noted cryptozoologist and the author of Paraview Press and Paraview Pocket Books titles on Bigfoot, Mothman, and other mysterious creatures.
Exceptional Human Experience Network: an educational, research, and information resource organization studying anomalous experiences.
Patrick Huyghe is the author of the Paraview Press title Swamp Gas Times.
Instrumental Transcommunication --- "Life After Death”
The Lama Sing Readings: Paraview author and channeler Al Miner offers a library of new readings on ancient and current events.
Mysterious Dimension: Rob Riggs wrote the Paraview Press title In the Big Thicket.
Nick Redfern has authored books on strange creatures, UFOs sightings, and real-life X-Files reports.
Paraview author Michael Grosso investigates life after death.
Problems>Solutions>Innovations: Paraview author Lyn Buchanan trains and studies controlled remote viewers via his New Mexico-based company.
Project 1947: a worldwide effort to document the origins of the modern UFO phenomenon.
Psi Explorer :Discover the universe of psychic phenomena in this multimedia CD-ROM
Psi Research: Dean Radin, a Paraview Literary Agency client, is the author of The Conscious Universe.
The Roots of Consciousness: excerpts of Jeffrey Mishlove's wide-ranging work.
Mac Tonnies' After the Martian Apocalypse investigates life on Mars.
Unknown Country—Whitley Strieber’s website
Stacey Wolf is a psychic who specializes in teen issues.


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