Nathaniel Altman is the author of Sacred Trees.
Jeanne Avery is a noted astrologer and past-life regression therapist.
Henry Bauer is a renowned Paraview Press author and professor, and the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Scientific Exploration.
Laurie Baum is an astrologer and psychotherapist.
Thomas Beerepoot and Ingrid Spronck are the authors of Paraview Special Editions' The Power of Insight.
Art Bell is a well-known radio broadcaster and author.
Richard Belzer is best known as an actor, but he's also a fine author, too.
Lyn Buchanan is a remote viewer and author.
Bruce Bynum is linked to the Obelisk Foundation, devoted to exploring dreams and psychology.
Colin Bennett, author of the Paraview Press title Looking for Orthon, is the host of The Combat Diaries. 
Mother Tessa Bielecki is the author of Theresa of Avila.
Courtney Brown is the author of Cosmic Voyage.
Litany Burns is a psychic who has studied psychic children.
Chellie Campbell specializes in spirituality and true wealth.
Edward Campbell is a renowned expert on palmistry.
Lenedra Carroll is the author of The Architecture of All Abundance.
Joseph Christy-Vitale is the author of Watermark, about a global environmental disaster.
Loren Coleman is a noted cryptozoologist and the author of three Paraview Press and Paraview Pocket Books titles on Bigfoot, Mothman, and other mysterious creatures. He is also an expert on the media's effect on violence
The Spiritual Chicks -- Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman -- provide a hip, edgy view of spirituality.
Paul Devereux is the author of Re-Visioning the Earth.
Sheila Grant is an image consultant and the author of the Paraview Press title Any Woman Can!
Judy Griffin is a nutritional chemist and the author of the Paraview Press title Flowers that Heal.
Michael Grosso investigates life after death.
Roger Hart is the author of Paraview Pocket Books' The Phaselock Code.
Patrick Huyghe is the author of the Paraview Press title Swamp Gas Times.
Stephen Jermanok is a travel writer and author of New England Seacoast Adventures.
Jewel is a celebrated songwriter, singer, and author of two books.
Marie Jones is the author of the Paraview Press title Looking for God in All the Wrong Places.
Jurriaan Kamp, author of Paraview Special Editions' Why People Matter, founded the magazine Ode.
Sirona Knight has written a number of books on Wicca and magic.
Michael Peter Langevin is the author of Secrets of the Ancient Incas and is the founder of Magical Blend magazine.
Dr. John Lee is the author of the bestselling What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Menopause.
Jeff Levin is a pioneering scientist and author whose research helped create the field of religion, spirituality, and health.
Linda Lane Magallon is the author of Mutual Dreaming.
A.T. Mann is a noted astrologer and the author of a number of books on astrology.
Jim Marrs is the author of Rule By Secrecy and Alien Agenda.
Elisabeth Millar is an aromatherapy expert and the author of The Fragrant Veil.
Al Miner is a channeler and the author of In Realms Beyond.
Jill Morrow: Her site offers excerpts and more information about her paranormal novel, Angel Café.
Laurie Nadel wrote the inspiring Paraview Press book Zen and the Art of Windsurfing.
Susan Rabin is the author of a number of books on romance and relationships.
Dean Radin is the author of The Conscious Universe.
John Renesch edited the Paraview Special Editions book Leadership for a New Era.
Nick Redfern has authored books on strange creatures, UFOs sightings, and real-life X-Files reports.
Jim and Allen Richardson provide hilarious yet smart science reports at their Gonzo Science site.
Rob Riggs wrote the Paraview Press title In the Big Thicket.
Lexa Rosean has written a number of books on Wicca and magical spells.
Donald Schnell has written The Initiation and offers a course on enlightenment.
Cynthia Snodgrass: The author of The Sonic Thread is also connected to the Sacred Sound Institute, which acts as an advocate for the use of music and sacred sound, especially in the fields of health and wellness.
G. Scott Sparrow has written books on spirituality and belief.
Agapi Stassinopolous is the author of Gods and Goddesses in Love and performs one-woman shows.
Ingo Swann is a remote viewer and author of The Apparitions of Mary.
Mark Thurston is the author of the Edgar Cayce-influenced Soul-Purpose.
Mac Tonnies' After the Martian Apocalypse investigates life on Mars.
Dirk Wales is a novelist and photographer.
John Willner is the author of Paraview Press' The Perfect Horoscope and other titles.
Lisa Wingate wrote the novel Tending Roses.
Stacey Wolf is a psychic who specializes in teen issues.

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