PARAVIEW LITERARY AGENCY has a history of anticipating future book trends and creating appropriate projects with its clients -- scientists, writers, and innovators from around the world.

The PARAVIEW LITERARY AGENCY is among the first to successfully develop literary properties for a rapidly growing worldwide audience known as cultural creatives. The agency handles only nonfiction properties.

PARAVIEW LITERARY AGENCY books have been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Larry King Live, NPR, CBS Sunday Morning, The O'Reilly Factor, Coast to Coast, The View, Weekend Today, The Letterman Show, Saturday Night Live, The History Channel, The SciFi Channel, the Discovery Channel, MSNBC News, and Yahoo News.

PARAVIEW LITERARY AGENCY books have also been covered on the front page of The New York Times, in USA Today, The New York Times Book Review, and The Los Angeles Times, and many times in The New York Post, The New York Observer, The New York Sun, Daily Variety, People, Details, Entertainment Weekly, as well as Publisher's Weekly, Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, and Library Journal.

Clients of the agency have had several New York Times bestsellers, including The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber, A Night Without Armor by Jewel, Talking to Heaven: A Medium’s Message of Life After Death by James van Praagh, and What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause: The Breakthrough Book on Natural Progesterone by John R. Lee, M.D. In the past dozen years, the agency has sold more than 300 books with various major publishers, including Penguin Putnam, HarperCollins, Random House, Warner and other publishers, and negotiated foreign rights in more than 30 languages for its properties.

If you would like to become a Paraview Literary Agent client…

If you are interested in obtaining my services as a Paraview literary agent, please review the following submissions requirements carefully.
First of all, your book should fall within one of our areas of interest:
  • Business/investing/finance
  • Mind/body/spirit
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Science
  • Self-help
  • Women's Studies
  • Popular Culture
When you write to us, describe the book you are writing, why you are the best person to write this book, and why it would interest a publisher. Please check your grammar and spelling. All queries should be e-mailed to Lisa Hagan. They should be well written, short, and concise and included in the body of your e-mail. No attachments please.. Do not send a manuscript unless we request to see it.

Paraview does not charge a fee for reading your work -- you should never have to pay an agent prior to receiving your advance. Paraview’s commission is 15% of the advance and the royalties, 10% on film, and 20% on foreign rights.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for a response to your query. I look forward to reading your submission.
A quick note to my Authors
I want to let you all know how much I appreciate you and how much I enjoy working with you. Every book that we do together is special and has great meaning for you, for me, the editor and for the readers. With each new proposal that we tweak together to make it just right for that perfect editor and perfect publishing house, I fall in love with publishing all over again.
From the moment I read the proposal through getting to know my author, to pitching the editor, to getting the offer from the editor, every step of the way is my favorite. I just enjoy the entire process. I have made a great many friends over the years, friendships that I will cherish forever. I am grateful to all of you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart; you have enriched my life every day.

I wish you all awesome advances, great big sales with big fat royalty checks every six months and many many NY Times bestsellers!

In light and peace,

Lisa Hagan
Paraview Literary Agency

What Our Clients Say About the Paraview Literary Agency

"Lisa Hagan: Miracle Worker, Literary Goddess, Warrior Rights Reverser of Light! Hail!"
--Stacey Wolf
Author of Get Psychic and Love Secrets of the Signs

“Lisa Hagan is the most wonderful, supportive, uplifting and empowering friend/agent anyone could dream of having on their team. I first came in contact with her through a friend of a friend’s referral, and sent her my book proposal for The Wealthy Spirit. She called me the next day and said, ‘I’m on page twelve and I would love to represent you!’ We signed the contracts that day, and the search for my publisher began.

“It was a long search. Rejections were many, ‘almost deals’ were several, and hopes rose only to be dashed again for a year and a half. Lisa never gave up on me and never gave up on my book. We became fast friends and email buddies, always lifting each other up and giving each other hope when things looked bleakest. Her belief in me never wavered, even when mine did. When I told my friends in my writer’s group about her, they looked at each other, then back at me. ‘Are you sure she’s a real agent?’ they asked. ‘She sounds too nice!’ I laughed because I knew I had been blessed with someone very special. Through her persistence and determination, Lisa found the perfect editor and publisher for my book, negotiated the best possible deal, and today The Wealthy Spirit is in bookstores across the nation.

“Lisa Hagan is my cherished friend and the best agent an author could have. I love her!”
--Chellie Campbell
The Wealthy Spirit

"Since February 1998, Lisa Hagan has been my literary agent. Before then I was dealing with representation worthy of every Catskill joke about the horrors of agents!

"In these past (almost five) years, with enthusiasm, kindness, and great persistence, Lisa has helped me every step of the way to publishing my first book, Love Letters, the Romantic Secrets Hidden in our Handwriting. This was not an easy road, with among other things, the previous publisher going bankrupt in the month that the book was due to be published!

"Lisa remained undeterred. Never once during our working association was Lisa less than a joy to deal with. She has always managed to give the unhurried impression that one¹s book is of the utmost importance to her and for that reason I look forward to a long and productive relationship."
--Paula Roberts
Love Letters, the Romantic Secrets Hidden in our Handwriting

"Lisa Hagan has a gift of insight and looks to the future of a project for the end result. Not many people hold that vision."
--Jonathan Pfeiffer, Client

“Well, you've heard of Michael Korda, Nan A. Telese and all those publishing greats, but you may not know of the hidden treasure of them all: Lisa Hagan of Paraview. This woman will be known, in publishing years to come, as The One Who Could Get It Done. Forget those people who say it's a tough sell, those wishy-washy types who say in a whimpering tone that ‘We can't find the right editor, the publisher, the audience for this book.’ Lisa can. Actually, that's the message here: Lisa can.

"In a writing world where support seems to be in short supply, especially after the long run spent writing a book, what a writer needs is a person who can critically look at a piece of work, make constructive suggestions, develop strategies to take the whole of the work and make it ready for four or five editors who don't even realize this is what they are searching for. This will fill their list, float their boat, and make heroes out of you and your critically supportive agent, Lisa Hagan."
--Dirk Wales,
Landon Harris Has Found a New Voice


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