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Mutual Dreaming
When Two or More People Share the Same Dream
by Linda Lane Magallon

Pocket Books, 1997
ISBN: 0671526847
Mind, Body, Spirit, 384 pages
Trade Paperback, $12.00

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A solitary dream is revealing, but a mutual dream – a dream shared by two or more people – is fascinating. And, what’s more, mutual dreams are far more common than we realize. Linda Lane Magallon, an internationally known dream specialist, thinks of mutual dreams as an opening into the collective unconscious and has researched their messages. In Mutual Dreaming Magallon decodes their meanings, gives dozens of real-life examples and explains how readers can induce having mutual dreams with another person.


Linda Lane Magallon, M.B.A.

, is a researcher who specializes in lucidity, telepathy and flying dreams. She is the co-founder of the Association for the Study of Dreams and the Bay Area Dreamworkers Group.

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