A New Vision of Astrology

A New Vision of Astrology
From Conception to Transcendence
by A.T. Mann

Pocket Books, 2002
ISBN: 0743453417
Astrology, 352 pages
Paperback, $14.00 

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A.T. Mann’s book truly is a “new vision” of astrology. Mann connects biology, health, psychology, family relationships, and the ancient philosophy of karma to astrology. Mann's original and profound system allows readers to convert their understanding of sun sign astrology into a fuller and more realistic language for describing the rich range of human sensations, emotions, ideas, and spiritual aspirations. This vision of astrology expands and enriches a basic knowledge of astrology 
and reunites psychology and biology with the family system. With Mann’s guidance, readers may learn to accept and nurture those relationships that created them.

Every purchaser of A New Vision of Astrology will receive a free horoscope via the Internet showing their planets at birth and a list of important dates from conception to old age.

“Even if you are an experienced astrologer with a well-developed system of your own, I highly recommend this book….Mann has produced a serious astrology book written in very clear language and accessible both to beginners and to advanced astrologers -- an unusual accomplishment, indeed! A New Vision of Astrology is a remarkable work.” -- The Mountain Astrologer


A. T. Mann

is an architect, astrologer, artist, teacher, designer, and author of many books. He was born in New York in 1943 and graduated with a B.Arch. from Cornell University. His many books explore the dynamics of time, symbolism, tarot, dowsing, healing, astrology, reincarnation, sacred architecture, and sacred sexuality. He practices many arts, including astrology and tarot, Feng Shui and sacred architecture, the sacred arts, and design education. He lived in England and Denmark for 25 years and now lives in Hudson, New York.

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