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Essays on Astrology by: John Addey, Roger Elliot, Dennis Elwell, Michel Gauquelin, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Robert Hand, Charles Harvey, Louise and Bruno Huber, Jim Lewis, Barry Lynes, A.T.Mann, Alan Oken, Leyla Rael and Dane Rudhyar
Edited by A.T. Mann

Paraview Special Editions, 2004
ISBN: 1931044872
Astrology, 212 pages
Trade paperback, $15.95

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Astrology is at the heart of a revolution in values in our modern world. It is clear that for humanity to survive, a new set of principles for human interaction must he formulated. We must learn to integrate humanity with natural and astrological patterns -- a "human ecology" is vital for this new millennium.

The Future of Astrology
is a selection of essays written by some of the foremost astrologers in the world today. Topics explored include astrology and scientific research, psychology, biology, and economics; science versus astrology; the professionalism of practitioners; the politics of astrology; the insights offered by esoteric astrology; astrological organizations; astrology as a science; the role of counseling; and astrological predictions about the future of our world. The astrologers included are from the US, England, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, and France, and their writings are accessible for those with inquiring minds -- no prior astrological knowledge is necessary. The Future of Astrology also personally introduces readers to the contributors. Each essay includes birth information, an astrological chart, a biography, and bibliography for each author. Readers will come away with a new appreciation for this ancient art, and new ideas about our future.

"A most excellent addition to that small number of books that are actually worth buying and reading and keeping and re-reading and recommending." -- Charles Harvey, president of the Astrological Association


A. T. Mann

is the author of A New Vision of Astrology, The Round Art of Astrology, Sacred Architecture, Sacred Sexuality, and The Eternal Life: Astrology and Reincarnation. He lectures worldwide and lives in the Hudson Valley, New York.

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