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Astrology and the Art of HealingPoint here for more book info
by A. T. Mann

Paraview Special Editions, 2004
ISBN: 1931044805
Astrology, 320 pages
Trade paperback, $15.95

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Conventional medicine treats symptoms with surgery and drugs rather than healing the root causes of illness. Complementary therapies attempt to address the whole self, which can raise awareness of and even counteract the imbalances that create disease. There is a wide range of such therapies -- psychotherapy or meditation work with the emotions and mind; bodywork or herbs act on the physical; aromatherapy or massage work through the senses; and oriental medicines with the energy body. This book attempts to relate inner causes with our "four bodies" in order to affect healing.

Astrology and the Art of Healing approaches healing and astrology in a new and revolutionary way. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual therapies relate to stages of your life process, from conception through birth, and from childhood to old age and death. Many horoscopes show how to understand the origins of health imbalances in your life. Correlations to appropriate therapies can support the expertise of your doctors. A free astro-chart is included.

"This is the first time I have read about astro-health without going into hypochondria overdrive. The chart contains not only the astrological story of health issues, but the seeds of their resolution through fascinating combinations of therapies." -- Journal of the Scottish Astrological Association

"These ideas are highly original and yet still close enough to traditional astrology to encourage one to think carefully, making the book a must read." -- Plymouth Evening Herald


A. T. Mann

writes and teaches about astrology, reincarnation, sacred sexuality, sacred architecture, eco-design education, the tarot, and other visions of integration. He lives in Hudson, New York.

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