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In Realms Beyond
Book One of the Peter Project

By Al Miner and Lama Sing

Paraview Press 2001
ISBN: 1-931044-29-5
Metaphysics, 192 pages
Trade Paperback, $14.95

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IN A HOSPITAL SOMEWHERE IN NEW ENGLAND, Peter is dying. At the same time in Florida, Al Miner is preparing for a channeled reading. The paths of these two men are about to meet. The process Al has used for over twenty years to obtain readings for people around the world inexplicably takes a turn and the path he travels between worlds joins with the dying man's journey through death. In Realms Beyond is the channeled narration of the beginning of that journey, which continues to this day. It provides a look into the afterlife in stunning detail, easing the fear of dying, and giving new hope for the continuation of life after death. 

Watch for the upcoming movie and television series based on this incredible story!

  Al Miner

began to channel Lama Sing after a chance hypnosis session in 1973 and since then more than 9,000 readings have taken place. In a trance state hauntingly similar to that of Edgar Cayce, Al has retrieved insights on a wide range of topics — scientific, medical, historical, archeological, geographical, spiritual, and philosophical —and has obtained answers to technical and personal questions. The accuracy of the information given has been documented by research institutions, as well as by individuals who have substantiated the accuracy of their personal readings. In 1984, St. Johns University awarded Al an honorary doctoral degree in parapsychology. He currently lives with his family in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, and can be contacted via his website.

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