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Dancing With The Wind
A True Story of Zen in the Art of Windsurfing

By Laurie Nadel

Paraview Press 2001
ISBN: 1-931044-31-7 
Nonfiction, 323 pages
Trade Paperback, $17.95

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In the 1980s Laurie Nadel began keeping a journal as she learned how to windsurf, using Zen as a way of finding balance within herself. When she came down with an illness with no medical cure, what she had learned from Zen and windsurfing took her far beyond what she ever thought she could accomplish-physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Dancing with the Wind has been nominated for a National Book Award.

"Invigorates and inspires. Excellent." --Dan Rather, CBS News 

“Nadel’s book is a beautiful testimony to life’s 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows. As journalist, mother, windsurfer, and spiritual seeker, Nadel shares her passions and pains with great honesty, humor, and wisdom. Her integrity shines, her fortitude inspires, and her words dance with the wind.” —Ronna Kabatznick, Ph.D. author of The Zen of Eating

“A wonderful story about the triumph of the human spirit and an inspirational chronicle of life. Your story touches on challenges we all must face. Everyone can gain from reading this book.” —Ellen Slawsby, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School

“A story about a gutsy woman who overcomes a crippling disease, finds herself, and shares her gift with the world through dancing on the sacred winds.”—Suzy Chaffee, Olympic Downhill skier and Ski Ballet World Champion

“Dancing With the Wind fuses an appreciation for life’s mystical elements with formidable literary talent and urban sophistication. I highly recommend it.” —Jeffrey Mishlove, President, Intuition Network

“A story of great courage. Laurie’s revelations about her survival struggles is a heroic testimony to the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and achieve health and happiness.” —Al Siebert, author of The Survivor Personality

“Laurie Nadel elegantly explains how windsurfing reconnects the body to the soul.”—Christine Brooks, Ph.D. Executive Director, US Windsurfing Association

  Laurie Nadel

spent the first twenty years of her career working for such major news organizations as Newsweek, United Press International, Reuters Television, the United Nations news service, ABC News and CBS News. She now writes features on the marine environment for The New York Times. The author of five books, including the 1990 nonfiction bestseller Sixth Sense, Nadel has appeared on “Oprah” and dozens of other shows around the country and in Europe. Articles about her work have appeared in Investors’ Business Daily, Woman’s Day, New Woman, Ladies Home Journal, McCalls, and United Press International. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology.

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