Dr. Laurie Nadel's Sixth Sense


Dr. Laurie Nadel's Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power
By Laurie Nadel

ASJA, Nov 2006
ISBN: 0380715031
Psychology 274 Pages
Trade Paperback, $21.95

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This book will show you how to unlock your sixth sense. You will discover how to draw on the unlimited power of your mind.

"I found this fascinating." -Dan Rather

"The world is a better place now that SIXTH SENSE is back in print. This book is a classic that deserves to be read over and over again. No other book so elegantly combines an understanding of intuition with the sciences of parapsychology and brain physiology." -Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., Dean of Consciousness Studies, University of Philosophical Research

"This book is the first to look seriously and carefully at the interrelationships of intuition, creativity, and other 'psychic' events, subjects totally ignored by mainstream science but vital to every thinking human. An important book for laymen and professionals." -Dr. Edgar Mitchell, scientist and former astronaut

"A comprehensive, probing look at a subject that has puzzled us all for centuries." -Glen Evans, Greenwich Times

  Dr Laurie Nadel

Dr. Laurie Nadel has a dual career in psychology and journalism. She has been a guest on “Oprah” and dozens of TV and radio programs. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Associated Press, and Woman’s Day. She writes for national magazines and The New York Times Long Island section.

Dr. Nadel directed a program for teenagers who lost a parent in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. She does pro bono counseling for the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Visit www.laurienadel.com to get your FREE GUIDE, 7 Secrets to Eliminating Anxiety and Achieving Your Potential.

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