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Corporate Renaissance!
Business as an Adventure in Human Development Point here for more book info

by Rolf Österberg

Paraview Special Editions, 2003
ISBN: 1931044546 
Business, 160 pages
Trade Paperback, $14.95

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In this radical book on business and work, Swedish businessman Rolf Österberg argues that businesses have their priorities all wrong. Paradoxically, corporations also -- more than any other institution -- have the potential to act as an agent of change toward a human-oriented world. The solution lies in the ongoing fundamental shift in our way of thinking -- of our perception of the world, life, the human being, and meaning. This is Österberg’s “new thought.”


In Corporate Renaissance, Österberg explores:

  • How the creativity of its employees -- not capital -- is a company’s greatest asset

  • Why employee-owned companies are the model for the future

  • Why hierarchies prevent problem-solving

  • How profit-taking can doom a company

  • Why setting goals, without an underlying vision, is destructive

“This exciting and insightful book, based on deep business experience in Europe and America, serves anyone who feels they are changing but don’t know what they can do. Österberg brings us together and points the way of joy, unity, and development for everyone. Fascinating.” -- Michael Ray, Ph.D., Creativity in Business

“I recommend Corporate Renaissance to everyone whose life is involved in business. It points directly to the future of business, commerce, and humankind.” -- Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul

“Rolf Österberg is a business leader trail-blazing a path toward a sustainable global future that other companies may follow.” -- Hazel Henderson, Beyond Globalization and Paradigms in Progress

  ROLF ÖSTERBERG is a seasoned executive in the media industry. He was CEO of Svensk Filmindustri, Scandinavia’s largest film company, and deputy CEO of the Dagens Nyheters Group, Scandinavia’s largest newspaper company. He served as chairman of the board of more than twenty companies and trade associations, including the Swedish Newspapers Association. Corporate Renaissance, his first book, was a best-seller in Sweden, where it was first published. He also co-authored The Search for Meaning in the Workplace and regularly speaks on the relationship between humans and business organizations in a changing world. He has a law degree from the University of Stockholm and attended the senior management program of Harvard Business School. He currently serves at the faculty of the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, California. He lives in Inverness, California, and Stockholm, Sweden.

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