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  Jan/Feb 2005   New Releases!
Paraview Pocket Books is releases yet another thought-provoking book to get you through the winter months. Written by fringe historian Greg Bishop, Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth is the horrifying true story of a government-authorized campaign of disinformation that defined an era of alien paranoia and destroyed one man's life. Read it and think...

Paraview Special Editions is reprinting Walking the Point: Male Initiation and the Vietnam Experience by Daryl Paulson, Ph.D. In it, Paulson looks at why many Vietnam vets failed to heal when they returned from the war. According to him, these veterans couldn't complete their mythic "heroic journey" and therefore had difficulty building new identities after the war. This is an important book, one that veterans of all wars -- and their loved ones -- will find illuminating.

Loren Coleman on the Air
Loren Coleman, discussing The Copycat Effect, appeared on JD Balart's American Radio Journal Show on January 10, 2005. JD spent the next hour taking call-ins on the topic. Loren is the author of a number of Paraview books, the most recent of which is The Copycat Effect, a searing look at the role of the media in our violent culture. You can find out more about Loren's writings -- including his blog! -- at his website.

December 2004   New Releases!
Paraview's got four new thought-provoking books for the holidays. Paraview Pocket Books offers Psychic Living by Stacey Wolf, a lighthearted but effective psychic primer. Stacey's one of the top young psychics in the U.S., and she has tips on everything from finding a great pair of shoes to repairing your love life. You can also check out the psychic workouts on her website. We like the one on "inner listening." Stacey is also the author of Get Psychic!, Secrets of the Signs, and Love Secrets of the Signs, presents some psychic workouts on her website.

Paraview Press
is releasing Thunderbirds by Mark A. Hall, which presents compelling evidence for the existence of monstrous birds in our skies. Fellow cryptozoologist Loren Coleman provides the introduction to this eye-opening compilation of evidence. Loren says: "For decades, Hall has researched the subject of these large birds and their allies (the giant owls). His tour of the accounts is masterful, for he places them in a context others never have."

Paraview Special Editions
is launching two books this month. The Healing Power of Anger: The Unexpected Path to Love and Fulfillment by psychotherapist John Rifkin, is a new take on an often-feared emotion. Rifkin's Stop, Drop, and Roll method for dealing with anger is effective in halting the dangerous effects of red-hot and ice-cold passive-aggressive anger. In addition, we're reprinting Venerable Father by Paul Breiter, the underground classic on life with Thai Buddhist master Ajahn Chah and life in a Thai tree monastery. Ajahn Amaro, of the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, said, "Paul has produced a real treasure. Many here felt that they got the message of Ajahn Chah's presence for the first time."

November 2004   Another Great Review!
The Copycat Effect
, Loren Coleman’s devastating critique of the media’s role in fanning the flames of violence in our culture, just received another positive review. Writing in the October 2004 FACE Magazine, Tom Keene says, “Coleman is convinced (and his book is disturbingly convincing that he is right) that media coverage of every act of bloody violence is ‘triggering vulnerable and angry people to take their own lives and that of others.’”

October 2004  
New Book!
Paraview Pocket Books’ newest release may be too important to ignore. Brain Trust, by biochemist Colm Kelleher, Ph.D., reveals for the first time how Mad Cow Disease (a.k.a. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) has jumped species, infecting humans in the form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), and may be hidden in the enormous increase in the number of Alzheimer’s cases since 1979. Brain Trust discloses how an investigation into the mysterious deaths in a group of cannibals in a remote part of the world evolved into a research program in the United States that may have had unforeseen and frightening consequences. The Emmy Award-winning journalist George Knapp said, “Anyone who thinks the meat on their plate is safe is living in a fantasy world. When the public sees this book, there will be hell to pay.”

Making the Earth Move
Jenny Wade, Ph.D., let Chicagoans know that they’re capable of making the Earth move. Wade, the author of Paraview Pocket Books Transcendent Sex, was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune about her research on multidimensional sexual experiences. Wade explained, “The capacity to access an altered state through sex is in almost every human being.” She also offered this transcendent sex tip gathered from those interviewed for her book: “The longer you can have sex, the more prolonged the experience is, the more likely you are to have one of these experiences.”

Goddess Quiz
Have you taken the Goddess Quiz in Agapi Stassinopoulos’ Gods and Goddesses in Love? Penelope Green of the New York Times did, and wrote, “It’s fun to play the archetype game.” She noted that Teresa Heinz Kerry is an Artemis, while Laura Bush is a combination of Hera, Hestia, and Demeter. In the spirit of full disclosure, the Times reporter, for the record, is a blend of Persephone and Artemis.

September 2004   New Releases!
Ever wonder why strange or violent news tends to break out like a rash? Loren Coleman did, and investigated what he calls The Copycat Effect, the topic of his latest Paraview Pocket Books release. In it, Coleman looks at school violence, suicide clusters, and other panic-inducing events, and found that the media is helping to generate the mayhem. On a very different note, astrologer A.T. Mann has reprinted his groundbreaking Astrology and the Art of Healing via Paraview Special Editions. Mann has an original take on how to find health issues in one’s horoscope, and has insights into one’s life from conception throughout the lifespan. Paraview Special Editions is also releasing Erik van Praag’s Spiritual Leadership: Wisdom for Work, Wisdom for Life, which provides inspiration from sacred texts and popular literature, too.

Paraview Author Enlightening Others
Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, the author of Paraview Special Editions The Book of Balance, will be speaking as part of the “What is Enlightenment? Voices from the Edge Series.” His topic will be The Transcendent Unity of Science, Art, and Spirituality; Kimura will present a new vision of the universe in the spiritual context of the evolution of human consciousness. On Sept. 9 he’ll be at The Next Stage in New York City, on Sept. 10 he’ll appear in Boston, and on Sept. 11 he’ll speak at Foxhollow Forum in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Are You a Goddess?
Agapi Stassinopoulos is generating a great response to her Paraview Pocket Books release, Gods and Goddesses in Love. She’s already appeared in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Pasadena, and on September 14 she’ll be at Borders in New York City. If you can’t see her in person, you can take the Goddess Quiz on her website.

Making It in the Movies
Loren Coleman, the author of numerous Paraview books on cryptozoology, will appear in a 15-minute documentary produced to support the August 27 release of Sony Pictures’ Anacondas. The short film will be distributed to reviewers and made available for broadcast. In the film, Coleman reads from his chapter “Giant Snakes” in Mysterious America, and was interviewed about the reports of giant anacondas in Amazonia.

Free Chapters!
Can’t wait to order an eye-opening Paraview book? Then have a free chapter e-mailed to you instantly. We’re now offering first chapters of Unleashed, After the Martian Apocalypse, The Phaselock Code, Watermark, Trauma Room One, and The Beasts that Hide from Man. More are on their way, so keep checking our site.

August 2004   New Release!

If your relationship isn’t all it can be, ancient Greek myths can help you out. In Paraview Pocket BooksGods and Goddesses in Love, Agapi Stassinopoulos tells the stories of the primary Greek dieties and how their myths can provide insight into your own romantic relationships. Deepak Chopra raved, “Stassinopoulos helps men and women gain value as they claim the power of the archetypes in themselves so they can enjoy deeper and more meaningful relationships.” In support of her book, Agapi will be speaking in Los Angeles and San Diego throughout August.

Evidence of a Curse?
Loren Coleman’sThe Mothman Death List,”  examining the links between the Mothman sightings, the 2002 Sony/Screen Gems film The Mothman Prophecies, publications of Mothman books, and strange, sudden deaths, has been published in the September 2004 issue of Fortean Times. Loren’s an expert on the topic -- he wrote Mothman and Other Curious Encounters as well as his classic Mysterious America. This FT issue also features an article by Paraview’s Nick Redfern, who stalked the Gargoyle of Glastonbury and lives to tell the tale. Nick’s the author of Three Men Seeking Monsters and A Covert Agenda.

Save the Date
Paraview Pocket Books
authors promise to enlighten and entertain, and on August 14 they will do so in person at the Heritage Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The day-long symposium “Exploring New and Provocative Horizons” will cover topics as diverse as holy men of the Middle East, dream interpretation, cryptozoology, the myth of the free press, and transcendent sex. Speakers include Loren Coleman, Kristina Borjesson, Yvonne Seng, Michael Grosso, Stace Michaels, Jenny Wade, and Nick Redfern, while Paraview Pocket Books’ editor in chief, Patrick Huyghe, will moderate a Q&A with the authors.

July 2004   New Releases!
With so much space-exploration news in the media, Paraview Pocket Books’ latest release, After the Martian Apocalypse: Extraterrestrial Artifacts and the Case for Mars Exploration, is a must-read. Mac Tonnies details the latest Mars discoveries and their paradigm-toppling implications, offering strong new evidence that points to an extinct civilization on the Red Planet -- and explaining how our own survival may depend on confronting the strange and ancient truths to be found there. Offering a different view of our solar system is A.T. Mann’s The Future of Astrology, released by Paraview Special Editions, a collection of essays by the world’s leading astrologers, including Robert Hand, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Alan Oken, and Leyla Rael and Dane Rudhyar. Paraview Special Editions is also reprinting Crash at Corona, by Stanton T. Friedman and Don Berliner, the definitive look at the Roswell incident, and The Poltergeist, by parapsychologist William Roll, who collected strange and sometimes terrifying stories of “noisy ghosts.”

Making Her Case
Professor Eileen P. Flynn, author of Paraview Press Catholics at a Crossroads: Coverup, Crisis, and Cure, continues to press her case for more transparency in the Catholic Church hierarchy. Writing in the Miami Herald recently, Flynn criticized the church’s closed-door discussions about its behavioral “audits.” Flynn wrote: “Catholics, even though in the dark about positions taken by their bishops, are not powerless. We can check our information sources for the answer to the simple question: ‘What is the outcome of deliberations by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops concerning funding for audits this year?’”

June 2004   New Releases!
We’re happy to announce the publication of two books that will change your perception of our world. Paraview Pocket Books has just released Watermark: The Disaster That Changed the World and Humanity 12,000 Years Ago by Joseph Christy-Vitale, which reveals the global disaster that almost devastated our planet -- and humankind. Using source material and myths and legends, Christy-Vitale unveils a past unlike any proposed by either religion or science, viewing the global catastrophe as living history. Paraview Special Editions is releasing The Book of Balance, Yasuhiko Genku Kimura’s new translation of Lao Tzu’s Tao Teh Ching. Kimura’s take on this classic provides a modern, easily accessible text for those who are interested in Buddhist thought.

May 2004   New Books!

Our new books live up to our promise to enlighten and entertain. Our latest Paraview Pocket Books release is William Roll and Valerie Storey’s Unleashed, which tells the story of Tina Resch, who, at age 14, became the center of the best-documented case of poltergeist activity of the twentieth century. After experiencing wild phenomena in her home, she then became the center of a media firestorm -- and was later charged with murder. Now serving a life sentence, Tina’s story is complex and riveting, and given a thorough treatment by a top parapsychologist. It’s already receiving advance praise. Larry Dossey, author of Healing Words, said, “Unleashed should come with a warning label: MAY FOREVER CHANGE YOUR WORLDVIEW.”

Our Paraview Special Editions releases are just as thought provoking. The Body of Frankenstein’s Monster, by Cecil Helman, is a collection of insightful, poetic essays on the meaning of and myths involving medicine and the human body. The Times of London raved, “[Helman] has the rare gift of looking inwards and then outwards, turning clinical experience into a kind of poetry. In this he resembles Oliver Sacks....His language is delicious.” Another Paraview author, John White, has two new releases this month. Everything You Want to Know About TM -- Including How to Do It lives up to its name and offers a quick but explanation of this popular meditation practice. In addition, White’s A Practical Guide to Death and Dying is a compassionate and thorough view of death and dying. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross said, “I am impressed by your beautiful work and the tremendous love and effort you put into it.”

Sales and Success
Lisa Hagan, president of the Paraview Literary Agency, has worked her magic again with two recent sales. Alyson Publications snapped up The Whole World Was Watching by Romaine Patterson with Patrick Hinds. Lisa also sold longtime client Lexa Rosean’s latest, Tarotspells, to Kensington Books. And in other news from Lisa’s clients, Chellie Campbell's The Wealthy Spirit is doing so well that Source Books signed on a new publicity team just for her! Congratulations Chellie!

Award Finalist
Yvonne Seng’s Men in Black Dresses, published by Paraview Pocket Books, has been selected as a finalist for the 2004 Nautilus Book Awards, which honors top books in the body, mind, and spirit category. Winners will be announced in Chicago in June. Good luck, Yvonne!

New Clients and Projects
Lisa Hagan has signed on some amazing new clients and projects.
  • Laurence Gardner, a bestselling author, has written The Christian, a novel that’s being made into a film by Candace Gosch of Living Element. This novel focuses on space-time manipulation as the protagonist, Desposyna, travels from first century Judea to modern Los Angeles. Desposyna carries a burlap bag with her that contains a gold powder that will have an effect on all humankind. Based on true events (which have recently involved both the US and UK Departments of Energy), the powdery substance is a previously unknown form of matter derived from gold. To learn more about this fascinating subject, you’ll have to read the book!
  • Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D., is the author of the proposed Vistas Evolving Our Beliefs to Evolve our Lives. This book will show a new view of Nature as conscious and creative intelligence with biological evolution typically occurring as rapid response to crisis, rather than as mechanical selection within a slow stream of accidental mutations. This new understanding is part of an integral new paradigm emerging in all fields of science.
  • According to Stephanie Dempsy, the author of the proposed Feng Shui for You: Designing Your Ideal Environment with the Power of Astrology, astrology is a powerful means to understand one's desires, while Feng Shui is the art of realizing them. This is the first book to combine the two.
  • Jennifer Manlowe, Ph.D., is a professor of world religions and teaches a twelve-step program using world philosophies to weave together a spiritual recovery system. She explains that there is no magic bullet, but to learn to use what works for us and to leave the rest behind. She’s collected her insights in Loving Life as It Is: One Breath at a Time.
  • Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D., unveils the dire threat of mold in his fascinating book, Mold Warriors. He explains the mysterious symptoms that most doctors overlook and don't understand. Intense arguments with building owners and insurance companies have hit the news recently, and often leave residents sick and uninsured. He discusses what to look for in your home and office, and what to tell your doctor.
  • Lisa will also represent a new book by Marie Jones, author of Paraview PressLooking for God in All the Wrong Places. Marie’s proposed work is From Yahweh to Yoda: My Quest to Find the Force Behind All Things, an often humorous look at her spiritual travels. "What a long, strange trip it's been!" she says, and promises to tell all.
  April 2004   New Books!
Paraview is pleased to announce a number of new releases aimed to enlighten and entertain. Paraview Pocket Books Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil, by Jenny Wade, Ph.D., “is a glimpse into the nature of your immortal divine being. Read, enjoy and be liberated,” says Deepak Chopra. Jeanne Avery is re-releasing three books through Paraview Special Editions -- Astrology and Your Health, Astrology and Your Past Lives, and A Soul’s Journey. Nick Redfern’s A Covert Agenda is a look at the once-secret activities of British government interest in UFOs. And Paraview Press Gonzo Science, by Jim and Allen Richardson, is a wild ride through both the mainstream and the fringes of science.

Book Tour
Paraview Press
author Adam Gorightly will be out and about during the month of April doing interviews and presentations promoting his latest book, The Prankster and the Conspiracy: The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Met Oswald and Inspired the Counterculture. He’s already been a guest on the radio show “Erskine Overnight,” and future appearances include speaking with Angela Keaton on “Liberated Space” on April 8, at Perihelion Arts [] in Phoenix on April 10, on “Radio Mysterioso” on Kill Radio from Los Angeles, at The Anomaly Archives - Lending Library in Austin on April 13, and, finally, at A Cappella Books in Atlanta on April 18. And if you think Adam’s readers are only located in the U.S., think again. He was a guest of Victor Berry on RedFM radio from Ireland.

February 2004   New Perspectives: Paraview
authors are providing a new perspective on issues in the news -- and they’re doing it at the acclaimed Open Center in New York in February. Jim Garrison, author of Paraview Press’ Civilization and the Transformation of Power will give a talk titled “America as Empire: Global Leader or Rogue Power?” on February 13. Yvonne Seng, author of Paraview Pocket Books’ new release, Men in Black Dresses, will also speak at this venue. Her talk on February 26, “Sufis, Monks and Sheiks in the Middle East Today,” gives us a personal look at the religious leaders in this part of the globe.

New Book! Edgar Cayce’s readings were stunningly accurate -- about 85 percent of them hit the mark. But why did his powers fail him at times -- if they in fact did? Paraview Special Editions’ The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce’s Power, by his sons Edgar Evans Cayce and Hugh Lynn Cayce, is an intimate portrait of Cayce and the questions that baffled him.

Cyberspace Book Signings: Paraview Press author Adam Gorightly has a novel way to connect with the readers of his bio of Kerry Thornley, The Prankster and the Conspiracy.  You can purchase the book via Gorightly’s website and opt to have it signed by him.

New Client: Think you’ve got what it takes to become a leader? Paraview Literary Agency president Lisa Hagan’s new client will show you how ancient wisdom speaks to leaders of our time. Matthew Stanley's The Leadership Myth presents business leadership throughout the ages.

New Client: Lynda Terry, a new Paraview Literary Agency client, presents Connecting with the Divine Feminine: The Sacred Energy and the Heart of Peace. According to Paraview Literary Agency president Lisa Hagan, Terry will show how the Divine Feminine enables you to hold a state of peace more fully, to in essence become a vessel of peace, one who embodies the truth that lasting peace is created from the feminine aspect of the Divinity present in all hearts.

Kudos! Check out what the critics are saying about Paraview’s books. <I>Fortean Times</I> called Paraview Pocket Books The Phaselock Code “a stimulating and entertaining read, as much a tale of boy’s own adventure as metaphysical speculation -- ripping holiday reading for the fortean traveler.” And Paraview Literary Agency client A.T. Mann won praise from The Mountain Astrologer, which said of his A New Vision of Astrology: “Even if you are an experienced astrologer with a well-developed system of your own, I highly recommend this book….Mann has produced a serious astrology book written in very clear language and accessible both to beginners and to advanced astrologers -- an unusual accomplishment, indeed! A New Vision of Astrology is a remarkable work.”

December 2003
Paraview Special Editions is reprinting J.P O’Neill’s The Great New England Sea Serpent, an investigation into sightings of a strange creature off the coast of Maine. O’Neill has received high praise for her book. Cryptozoologist Matthew Bille said, “This is a marvelous book. No one with an interest in marine life, cryptozoology, or the magic and mystery of the oceans should pass it by.” Loren Coleman said, it’s a “landmark in sea-serpent books.” Karl P.N. Shuker said it’s “an extremely impressive work of scholarship…” We’re sure you’ll agree.

November 2003 
Paraview is now offering our authors customized publicity campaigns developed in cooperation with Livingston Communications, Inc. This is the hands-on help you need to manage the promotional aspects of your career.

New Books! In Men in Black Dresses,
you’ll go behind the walls of spiritual centers around the world. Jane Goodall called this Paraview Pocket Book “extraordinary.” In Paraview Press The Beasts that Hide from Man, Karl Shuker has collected evidence of mysterious, somewhat mythical creatures such as hairy reptiles, furry fish, and living unicorns.

JFK Remembered
Paraview Press notes JFK’s assassination with a new bio of the counterculture figure Kerry Thornley, The Prankster and the Conspiracy,
and our classic Trauma Room One, a look at what really happened in that Dallas emergency room on November 22, 1963.

Critiquing the Pope
In October 12’s Chicago Tribune, Eileen Flynn, the author of Paraview PressCatholics at a Crossroads,
took stock of John Paul II’s 25 years as pope. “Catholics today are a demoralized lot,” she wrote. “Much as we want to wave pennants and chant well wishes to the pope, we know that these times require critical evaluation of the church and major changes in the way it is administered. John Paul's policies, if not his person, should be open to constructive criticism.” Flynn recounted the pope’s views of ecumenism and his actions on the recent sex abuse scandal and the role of women in the church, and found him lacking. “Some day there will be a bulletin about a conclave and a new pope. I have no predictions about who will be named or what his agenda will be. However, I, like millions of Catholics around the world, know that the next pope will need to do more than travel and preach in order to earn respect and approval,” she concluded.

October 2003  New Clients!  Paraview Literary Agency
president Lisa Hagan has lined up two terrific new clients and projects. The Whole World Was Watching presents lesbian activist and talk show host Romaine Paterson's life story. From losing her brother to AIDS up through her friendship with Matthew Shepard and her life in the aftermath of the hate crime that took his life, this is the story of how the determination to do the right thing can lead to greatness. Pulse of the Pyramid by John A. Burke with Kaj Halberg is the fascinating scholarly effort to present an entirely new interpretation of the ancient "monuments" of the world. 

New Books! 
Roger Hart’s life truly began after a horrific fall off the slopes of Mount Everest. His Paraview Pocket Books memoir, The Phaselock Code, explores his metaphysical adventures, consciousness and reality, synchronicity, precognition, and telekinesis. Our new Paraview Special Editions release is The Power of Insight: The Courage to Connect in Business. Authors Ingrid Spronck and Thomas Beerepoot explain how flashes of breakthrough thinking can be created and turned into tangible results.

September 2003  New Book: Paraview Special Editions
is re-releasing Families and the Interpretation of Dreams by Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., which explains how to find meaning in dreams that illuminate family relationships. Carl Whittaker says of Bynum’s book in its foreword, “One begins to glimpse an expanded field of dream integrate dreams, culture, science, family dynamics, mythology, and psychoanalysis is really mind boggling. I loved having my mind boggled.”

eBooks are back! If you prefer to read your favorite Paraview Publishing titles electronically, we’ve got an updated list of Paraview eBooks that are available via Microsoft Reader, Adobe Reader, or Palm Digital. 

The Paraview Literary Agency has news about movie and book deals. Paraview Agency President Lisa Hagan is getting buzz about the movie rights to Lyn Buchanan's The Seventh Sense, the first Paraview Pocket Books title. Kinetic Pictures and the Kaufman Company are both interested. Lisa’s client Charmayne James will see her life story on the big screen, too. Charmayne is a rodeo barrel racing champion, and she and her quarterhorse Scamper are legends. Julia Roberts of Shoelace Productions says that production will begin in Spring 2004.

In Agency book news, expect a new title by Paul Owens and Norma Eckroate for Adams Media. Dog People Do It Better! will contain 200 principles of fun and some cute anecdotes that can improve your life. Paul and Norma have already collaborated on The Dog Whisperer. Lisa's new client, David Harder, is proposing Inspired Living, which will show the reader how to design a life full of meaning and purpose. The German language rights to Life Changes, a Paraview Special Editions release by John Adams and Sabina Spencer, sold to Verlag Urachhaus.

August 2003  New Service
: Want to promote your book on radio or TV? Need a media coach? Paraview can make it happen. Paraview authors can purchase marketing expert Brian Jud’s Media Publicity Kit at a special price. Brian will also write a series of PR-related articles for our website, beginning with this month’s “Practice Makes Permanent.”

New Book: Paraview Special Editions has just re-released Corporate Renaissance, a radical look at business and work. In it, Rolf Österberg argues that businesses have the potential to act as an agent of change toward a human-centered society. Hazel Henderson said, “Rolf Österberg is a business leader trail-blazing a path toward a sustainable global future...”

Great Reviews: Nick Redfern and Andy Roberts’ Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown, a recent Paraview Pocket Books title, is winning over the critics. According to Kate Miller of UFO Magazine (UK), “…you need to read one of the best books of its kind I have read in ages.” Andrew Griffin, writing in The Town Talk, said, “Redfern and Roberts definitely did their research. I hope they do a follow-up.”

July 2003 
Are you a member of a not-for-profit organization that has material that should be published in book form? If so, then Paraview has a new service for you. We’re now publishing print-on-demand books for non-profit organizations, foundations, and organizations. You’ll find more details here.

Paraview is proud to present another innovative tool on our site: the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Like a “super-URL,” DOIs link users directly to where they can buy a book, see additional information about it, find related books, and more. You’ll find DOIs on all of our Paraview Publishing pages and other places on our site.

June 2003  Paraview Literary Agency president Lisa Hagan has new sales to report. Her client, Dr. Bobby Smith, will be writing The Will to Survive for Jodere Publishers. And New World Library was smart to snap up Lift! Insights from Capitalists Who Raise the Bar. This work by Christine Arena with Michael Banks will inspire anyone who’s trying to grow their business during these sometimes difficult economic times.

Yet more honors are being bestowed upon Paraview Literary Agency client Kristina Borjesson. The 2002 book she edited, Into the Buzzsaw,  won the National Press Club Arthur Rouse Award for Press Criticism. You can read an interview with this investigative journalist in which she discusses media censorship, self-imposed and otherwise.

Paraview Press author Eileen P. Flynn continues to tackle the many controversies facing the Catholic Church. Flynn, the author of Catholics at a Crossroads: Coverup, Crisis, and Cure, wrote an opinion piece for the New York Post in which she discusses this year’s meeting of the Catholic bishops during what she calls a “new era” in which the laity is empowered. Flynn wrote: “Bishops now know that they need to exercise that office with caution and competence and to care about children and families if they are to find their way back into the good graces of the Catholic people.”

New Book: The Third Level of Reality
Astrophysicist Percy Seymour explores a level of reality in the latest Paraview Special Editions release -- the dimension that can explain phenomena such as the human aura, apparitions, telepathy, clairvoyance, and our ability to look into the future. 

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