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  June 2003  Paraview Literary Agency president Lisa Hagan has new sales to report. Her client, Dr. Bobby Smith, will be writing The Will to Survive for Jodere Publishers. And New World Library was smart to snap up Lift! Insights from Capitalists Who Raise the Bar. This work by Christine Arena with Michael Banks will inspire anyone who’s trying to grow their business during these sometimes difficult economic times.

Yet more honors are being bestowed upon Paraview Literary Agency client Kristina Borjesson. The 2002 book she edited, Into the Buzzsaw,  won the National Press Club Arthur Rouse Award for Press Criticism. You can read an interview with this investigative journalist in which she discusses media censorship, self-imposed and otherwise.

Paraview Press author Eileen P. Flynn continues to tackle the many controversies facing the Catholic Church. Flynn, the author of Catholics at a Crossroads: Coverup, Crisis, and Cure, wrote an opinion piece for the New York Post in which she discusses this year’s meeting of the Catholic bishops during what she calls a “new era” in which the laity is empowered. Flynn wrote: “Bishops now know that they need to exercise that office with caution and competence and to care about children and families if they are to find their way back into the good graces of the Catholic people.”

New Book: The Third Level of Reality
Astrophysicist Percy Seymour explores a level of reality in the latest Paraview Special Editions release -- the dimension that can explain phenomena such as the human aura, apparitions, telepathy, clairvoyance, and our ability to look into the future. 

May 2003
 New Book: Strange Secrets
According to evidence presented in Paraview Pocket BooksStrange Secrets, governments have tried to harness the paranormal just as they’ve denied it exists. You’ll read files on nuclear-powered UFOs, the Loch Ness monster, psychic spies, and more.

Featured Client: Ty Murray
In this revealing memoir, Paraview Literary Agency client Ty Murray reflects on his life as a twenty-first century cowboy and the daredevil world of the rodeo.

Tips: Find a Literary Agent
Perhaps the most critical step in getting published is finding the right agent. But how can you make the connection? The Paraview Literary Agency provides tips on what they’re looking for and how you can make your manuscript get attention from publishers.

April 2003
 New Book: Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America
Is there an ape roaming North America? Loren Coleman explores the Bigfoot story in this Paraview Pocket Book.

New Book: Catholics at a Crossroads
In this Paraview Press release, Eileen Flynn analyzes the greatest crisis to face the Catholic Church -- the sexual abuse scandal and its coverup by the hierarchy.

New Book: Looking for God in All the Wrong Places
Got God? Everybody searches for the divine. In Paraview Press’ Looking for God in All the Wrong Places, Marie Jones uses humor, insight, and experience to examine what we often mistake for our Higher Power.

Features: Views on Iraq
Jim Garrison explores our links to Saddam, while Lyn Buchanan notes that we have one less item in our arsenal now -- the military’s remote viewing program.

Featured Client: Kristina Borjesson
Congratulations go out to Paraview Literary Agency client Kristina Borjesson, whose Into the Buzzsaw was named a “Book to Remember 2002” by the New York Public Library.

March 2003
 Paraview Publishing will be well represented at this year’s fortean UnConvention in London on April 12 and 13. Noted Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman will speak on “Sex and Bigfoot,” a topic from his newest Paraview Pocket book, Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America. He’ll also be on hand to sign copies of his other Paraview Press classics, Mothman and Other Curious Encounters and Mysterious America. Two other Paraview Press authors will also sign copies of their books at the Paraview booth. Patrick Huyghe will sign Swamp Gas Times,  the account of his twenty years on the “UFO beat,” and Colin Bennett will be there to support Looking for Orthon, his story of George Adamski’s encounter with a creature from Venus. For more information about our fortean titles, check out our paranormal books section.

Paraview Literary Agency client Jewel is not only a gifted performer and writer, but has an eye for talent, too. Agency president Lisa Hagan has just sold two books of poetry to Atria Books (a division of Simon & Schuster), the contents of which will be selected by Jewel. During her Soul City Cafe tour, Jewel will ask young artists come up on stage and recite their original poetry. Then, visitors to her website can vote on the poems that they feel should be published. Jewel will write the book’s foreword and include a few of her own poems and photos. Jewel has also written two books represented by the Paraview Agency, A Night Without Armor and Chasing Down the Dawn.

Karen Weissman and Tami Coyne, the Paraview Literary Agency clients known as the Spiritual Chicks, were a huge hit at the Barnes & Noble in NYC’s West Village on March 21. Weissman and Coyne signed copies of their entertaining and enlightening book, The Spiritual Chicks Questions Everything, which was just published by Red Wheel/Weiser.

Paraview Press’ new release, Catholics at a Crossroads: Coverup, Crisis, and Cure, is already generating attention. Author Eileen Flynn will speak at the Spirituality Convocation at the College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown, N.J., on April 5. In Crossroads, Flynn examines the recent sex abuse scandal that rocked the church, as well as how the institution and parishioners can move forward and heal. Jason Berry, author of Lead Us Not Into Temptation, said of the book, “Flynn is asking hard questions, the kind that cloud the thoughts of many a Catholic. All theologians should be so brave.”

Frank Keating, former governor of Oklahoma, and Chair of the American Bishops' Advisory Panel for the new national Office for Child and Youth Protection said, "Eileen Flynn charges church leaders to create and 'sustain genuine religious communities.' Her book is a call for a return to humility, a renewed piety and joins the discussion over what ails and what heals our contemporary faith."

The New York Public Library has selected Paraview Literary Agency client Kristina Borjesson’s Into the Buzzsaw for inclusion in "Books to Remember 2002." Every year, a committee of librarians from The New York Public Library selects 25 exceptional fiction and nonfiction titles, published in the previous year, to be designated "Books to Remember." Into the Buzzsaw, which was published by Prometheus Books, is a collection of essays examining the depth and breadth of censorship in American journalism today. The 47th annual "Books to Remember" presentation will be held at the Celeste Bartos Forum at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library on March 21, 2003, in New York City.

The Paraview Literary Agency has some great projects in the works.

Literary Agency president Lisa Hagan has just taken on Lift! Insights from Capitalists Who Raise the Bar by Michael Banks and Christine Arena. Lift! makes the case that doing good business is good for business. Leading-edge companies are embracing change and moving beyond old models of success. Michael and Christine will be interviewing CEOs of huge corporations that are doing just that.

Lisa has also signed up Energize Now: How to Make Every Day a High Energy Day: Easy Mind-Body Techniques to Increase Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness in Minutes by Jerry Teplitz, J.D., Ph.D., with Norma Eckroate. Dr. Teplitz shares dozens of easy and quick methods to "switch on" your body and mind so you can attain a higher degree of energy, productivity, happiness, and success in minutes and, in some cases, in seconds.

And in this economic climate, most people will need to read another new project represented by Lisa Hagan, Inspired Living by David Harder. David is an expert in helping people find their ideal careers. David has witnessed thousands of individuals in his seminars and coaching sessions shows people how to find joy in their work.

Agent Karrie Coburn is representing a new novel by Jason Morgan. The Red Field follows the interwoven stories of three back-woods healers on Redemption Mountain, North Carolina, in the 1930s. The moving story of these three people freely intermingles the spirit world with everyday high mountain life, deep in the rugged south where life, even on a good day, is tenuous at best, and death comes as naturally as a sweet breeze.

Paraview Publishing and Publishing Dimensions, a leading content conversion and publishing consultancy, announced today our agreement to implement Digital Object Identifiers (DOI), a technology offered by Content Directions, to aid in online marketing of Paraview Publishing titles. “We’re looking forward to utilizing DOI technology to increase the presence of our books and authors on the web. DOI technology enables us in an effortless manner to provide contextual and purchase information on our titles on the Internet. This will add to the experience of readers interested in obtaining more information than just title and price,” stated Alexander Dake, CEO of Paraview Publishing. For a live example of a DOI applied to a Paraview title, point your mouse at the title
Mysterious America  by Loren Coleman.

February 2003
Karrie Coburn may be new to the Paraview Literary Agency, but she’s already signed up three promising clients and projects. 
  • Blood Song by Jason Morgan is a comedic spiritual novel in which a twice-divorced, middle-aged man journeys to find meaning to his life, change his womanizing ways, and find the origin of his psychic abilities. The story introduces us to a Cherokee medicine man with ties to the Klan, a best-selling spiritual guru trying to resist flocks of women, and a young man with great medicinal powers trying to find his own way in modern America. 

  • Rallye Royale by William Longyard is the first in a series that will appeal to readers of suspense novels and people interested in classic cars and automobile racing. The main character, Bruce Morrison, finds himself in Europe working on a high-profile rally showcasing the most beautiful and rare automobiles in the world, racing between Northern European cities and museums leaving in its wake murder and mayhem. 

  • The Sea Dog's Tale by Peter Muilenberg relates the true adventures of a family that sailed around the world accompanied by Santos, an eleven-pound Belgian barge dog. In this amazing tale, Santos is stolen and held for ransom and lost and presumed drowned on many occasions -- only to miraculously reappear having beaten unbelievable odds to survive. Santos teaches the whole family the true meaning of loyalty and the merit of always being true to your heart.

  Paraview Pocket Books, our joint imprint with Simon & Schuster, launches this month! Our first title is The Seventh Sense, an incredible account of Lyn Buchanan’s transformation into one of our nation’s leading psychic spies. Books published under the Paraview Pocket imprint will be traditionally published, not print on demand, but will target the same Paraview audience of people with a passion for books covering body, mind, and spirit and the frontiers of science and culture.  
  January 2003 Paraview Literary Agency’s new agent, Karrie Coburn, is a former woodworker and furniture maker whose story proves that when one door closes, another one opens. She first thought of getting into agenting while recovering from a work-related injury to her hand. During her downtime, she read a manuscript that her husband, Tristram Coburn, had brought home from his job as an acquisitions editor for International Marine/McGraw-Hill. His company could not publish the novel, and without an agent, Karrie feared that this wonderful author’s story might never be read. Karrie knew that she was inextricably tied to this wonderful industry and had to act. As a member of the Paraview team, Karrie is looking forward to bringing many wonderful novels to eager readers.

While the rest of the world is hibernating, Paraview Literary Agency president Lisa Hagan is as active as ever. Lisa just took on a new client, palmistry expert Donna McCue,
author of Your Fate Is in Your Hands: Using the Principles of Palmistry to Change Your Life. Her next book is Winning Hands, a coffee table book loaded with photos of the hands of winning athletes, as well as an analysis of what their hands reveal.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Paraview Literary Agency client Elisabeth Millar’s proposed book is a must-have. Millar is working on Releasing Aphrodite: A Woman’s Book of Fragrances for Love, which focuses exclusively on using the natural fragrances of essential oils as aphrodisiacs to enhance the sensuous pleasures of romantic and erotic love. Millar is also the author of The Fragrant Veil, which also targets the growing audience that’s looking for pleasing and effective information on natural fragrance.
  December 2002 We at Paraview are pleased to announce the launch of our new imprint, Paraview Special Editions, and its first book, Leadership in a New Era, edited by John Renesch. 

Paraview Special Editions focuses on publishing select out-of-print titles. Thanks to digital print-on-demand technology, it’s easy and efficient to bring out-of-print titles back to life again, in essence making valuable books available to new audiences. Paraview Special Editions will also publish works of international authors and co-publish projects with like-minded organizations, such as associations, magazines, and non-profit organizations.
  November 2002 Sold! Paraview Literary Agency president Lisa Hagan has sold The Enchanted Candle by Lady Rhea with Erika Lieberman to Citadel. Readers will learn how to transform their lives through making magical candles according to Lady Rhea’s time-honored techniques. 

"No idea is so complex that it can't be explained simply," said Einstein. Lucky for us, Paraview Literary Agency’s newest client, Orest Bedrij, is working on a book that follows Einstein’s instructions. 1: A Holy Vision of You will explain what readers will gain from the Theory of Everything. Bedrij is also the author of Yes It’s Love and You: The Grand Unification of Physics

Established Paraview Literary Agency client Paula Roberts is working on Walking Amongst Ghosts. Roberts is the author of Love Letters, which helps readers find romantic secrets in their handwriting. 
  October 2002 The Paraview Literary Agency continues to expand and thrive. Its president, Lisa Hagan, has taken on more clients of extraordinary range and ability –- including one of the most fascinating men in the world, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. A former KGB man, this intriguing, charismatic leader wields immense power while the world knows virtually nothing about him. Now he will reveal himself in his forthcoming memoirs with Larry Namer, the creator of the E! Channel.

Lisa is also representing Paraview’s first sports book. Sports historian Michael Attiyeh’s Where Have You Gone Barry Sanders? A Unique Look at NFL History contains fascinating facts and the history of each NFL team. Attiyeh is the author of Who Was Traded for Lefty Grove and Ichiro, Satchel and The Babe, published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Lisa has also signed Dirk Wales, the author of The Lost Photographs of Nicholas Kases, a gripping graphic novel that includes Dirk’s own brilliant artwork.

Paraview Literary Agency client Mark Macy is developing his second book, Wonders of the Afterlife According to Modern Research. This book will shed light on a miraculous new field of research that’s opening the doorway between heaven and earth. According to Mark, angels and departed loved ones are sending us vivid descriptions of their lives and wondrous worlds of spirit that they inhabit. But the information is not filtering through the minds of psychic channels. It’s streaming directly into our computers, telephones, radios, TVs, and other modern devices. Mark's first book, Miracles in the Storm, was published by New American Library and is being made into a feature film.

The prolific and talented astrologer A.T. Mann has another sale to his credit. Paraview Literary Agency’s Lisa Hagan sold The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space to Vega Publishers in the UK. The Round Art is a comprehensive exploration of astrological phenomena and celestial movements, archetypal symbolism, and chart interpretation.

We at Paraview are pleased to announce the creation of our newest publishing imprint, Paraview Pocket Books, a joint venture with Pocket Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Paraview Pocket Books, set to launch in the spring of 2003, will target a rapidly increasing audience with a passion for titles covering body, mind, and spirit and the frontiers of science and culture. This partnership will build on Paraview’s unique capability to source and anticipate new trends, themes, and authors, and Pocket Books’ ability to produce and distribute books to readers throughout the world. Paraview Pocket Books titles will be published in multiple formats, including hard cover, trade, and mass-market paperback, as well as eBook editions.

Co-publishers of Paraview Pocket Books will be Louise Burke, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Pocket Books, and Paraview’s founder, Sandra Martin, who is also Senior Vice President, Content, at Wisdom Media. Patrick Huyghe, Editor-in-Chief of Paraview, will edit the new list. The first book published under the new imprint will be The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a Psychic Spy for the U.S. Military, by Lyn Buchanan.

"We are delighted and excited by this partnership with Pocket Books,” said Alexander Dake, CEO of “Given Pocket Books’ experience in publishing for mass-market audiences and Simon & Schuster’s global publishing reach, we believe Paraview Pocket Books has all the ingredients of becoming a truly successful venture. This partnership is an important milestone in extending the ability of to provide valuable content to increasingly larger audiences around the world.”
  September 2002 Paraview Literary Agency President Lisa Hagan has signed two new clients whose works are must-reads. Richard Broughton, Ph.D., is the author of Parapsychology: Science of the Future, a major update of his acclaimed 1991 work, Parapsychology: The Controversial Science. Broughton’s new material includes information on the famous psychic spying program of the U.S. government, efforts to provide a theoretical underpinning for ESP and psychokinesis based on quantum physics, and how recent discoveries in parapsychology may have broad implications for business, healthcare, and, in the wake of the September 11 tragedy, possibly even modern warfare. Lisa has also signed up Michael Banks and Christine Arena, who are working on Front Line: In Search of Good Business in America, a compilation of tomorrow’s best business approaches that are being practiced today by leading-edge companies. In Front Line, readers will learn how to embrace change and move beyond old models of success to new models that leverage ethical, sustainable, and values-based practices as means to achieve long-term goals.  
  August 2002 Lisa Hagan has added two more clients to an already impressive roster at the Paraview Literary Agency. Gale Smallwood Jones explores the criminal mind in Inside Outlaws. This book takes a provocative new look at violence, and using the lives of serial killers, schoolboy murderers and also some of the world’s greatest artists as illustrations concludes that these groups have much in common. On the other side of the law is new client Dr. Bobby E. Smith, who is working on Calling All Cops: A Street Smart, Been There, Done That Survival Guide for Every Kind of Cop. Dr. Smith, a former Louisiana State Trooper, was shot during a routine stop that spiraled out of control. He lost his sight, his faith, his zest for life, his wife, and his job. From his trials he gives hope to those who have lost theirs, and inspires those who are strong to remain so.

Two Paraview Press authors have appeared in the media recently. Sheila Grant, author of the personal transformation guide Any Woman Can!, was featured in the Memphis Times. Rob Riggs, author of In the Big Thicket: On the Trail of the Wild Man, was interviewed by the always interesting Art Bell.
  July 2002 It’s easy to ignore the suffering of young children on the other side of the globe, but Naomi Bronstein cannot. Bronstein, a Montreal native, rushed to Vietnam during the war after seeing what was happening to the sick and abandoned Vietnamese children. She hasn't stopped since. Bronstein has rescued needy children in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Guatemala, and helped to bring them to physical and emotional health and place them in loving homes. She is currently collecting her rich stories into a book that will be represented by Paraview Literary Agency’s Lisa Hagan.

We may be in the midst of summer, but we at Paraview Press are working on our fall titles and invite you to take a first look at two forthcoming books. The Sonic Thread: Sound as a Pathway to Spirituality is by Cynthia Snodgrass, a musicologist and the founder of the Sacred Sound Institute. In this collection of stories, Snodgrass shares her experiences with music and spirituality during her travels around the world. Competitive Business, Caring Business: An Integral Business Perspective for the 21st Century is by Daryl S. Paulson, Ph.D., the CEO of BioScience Laboratories, Inc. Paulson applies the work of Ken Wilber, the world's foremost human science theorist, to the business domain and shows how the process of "doing business" must be considered in a holistic and integral manner. Paulson also explains how to develop win-win strategies that satisfy individual employees, work teams, senior management, and shareholders, as well as society and global concerns. Ken Wilber supplied the Foreword.

We live in challenging, transformational times, which is why the lessons of Chuck and Lency Spezzano are so important. The Spezzanos, who are now represented by Paraview Literary Agency President Lisa Hagan, have developed a visionary healing model called the Psychology of Vision. This model offers a practical system based on love, healing, trust, and the power of choice. Look for more inspiring projects from the Spezzanos soon.

True love knows no boundaries, according to new Paraview Literary Agency client Karen Prisant, who was just signed by Lisa Hagan. In her proposed book, Is That You?, Prisant, a psychic forensic detective, communicates with her fiancé after his death on Swiss Air Flight 111 in this amazing story full of love and goose bumps.

We’ve all had them, even if we don’t read tabloids. Elvis sightings, that is. Paraview Literary Agency client Michael Luckman reveals various experiences with the UFO’s of rock stars in Close Encounters of the Musical Kind, which was sold to Pocket Books. Luckman’s non-fiction account features strange sightings of rock stars such as Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Megadeth, Blue Oyster Cult, and the Foo Fighters. Keep your eyes open for more!

Lisa Hagan and Paraview Literary Agency are leading the way in bringing insightful, innovative astrology to the curious reader. The latest offering from Paraview Literary Agency client and well-respected astrologer A.T. Mann, A New Vision of Astrology, was sold to Pocket Books. In it, Mann teaches a unique system for learning and practicing astrology that can be used to bridge the gap between general sun sign astrology and the much more accurate analysis that includes the moon and the other planets. The book will include a key number that entitles the reader to an accurate horoscope diagram based on her or his time, date and place of birth instantly calculated on an Internet website and printed at home.
  May 2002 Paraview's Sandra Martin is changing focus. While she is still a key part of Paraview, Martin will now be developing television and radio programming for the Wisdom Media Group, where she will be Senior Vice President, Content. She will work with television, radio, and Internet to  develop programming in the fields of spirituality, social consciousness, environmental issues, and new science. Paraview's literary clients will be represented by Paraview Literary Agent Lisa Hagan. 

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a New Age magazine? You won’t have to wait much longer. Paraview Literary Agency client Michael Peter Langevin, the Publisher/Editor of Magical Blend magazine, just had his forthcoming novel, The Magical Blend Story, acquired by Hampton Roads Publishers. The Magical Blend Story is the fictionalized story of Langevin’s publishing adventure, complete with ideas on how to incorporate spirituality and magic into one’s business life. Langevin is also celebrating the release of his non-fiction book, Secrets of the Ancient Incas: A Modern Approach to Ancient Ritual and Practice.
  The Paraview Literary Agency has landed some extraordinary new clients and projects:   
  • Face to Face: The Face-Lift Diaries by Jill Savege Scharff, M.D., and Jaedene Roberts Levy, M.S.W., explores the physical, psychological, and social aspects of the face and a variety of face-lifts in a highly personal, engaging, and fun style. 
  • The Good The Bad and The Ugly by Darendia McCauley is a “self-awareness” book that will help foster survival in the workplace through recognizing the differing personality and motivations of coworkers and developing appropriate coping skills. McCauley identifies these types as the Good, who are decent and hard working, like most of us; the Bad, who are self-serving and ambitious; and the Ugly, who are actively destructive and malicious.
  • Mona Lisa Slept Here and I Know Why by Christopher Metzger is a hilarious memoir that recounts how Metzger and his wife went from being powerful New York players to almost-starving artists in Italy. If you’ve got romantic notions about making the same move, think again: The first letter Metzger received after moving to Italy was from the IRS! 
  • Ever had a question that you couldn’t answer or an issue you couldn’t resolve? You can become your own counselor, teaching yourself how to pick the right path to your happiness with Learn to Read the Tarot the Natural Way by Christie Francis. According to Francis, there are no unanswered questions when you know how to read the tarot. Use her system for finding the most powerful and influential times and dates and creating descriptions of events, people, or situations that perplex you. 
  • The novel Landon Harris Has Found A New Voice by Dirk Wales takes a poignant look at an aging author's dilemma of failing at his eighth book or buying an unknown's work and becoming a huge success again. A must-read from an entertaining author.

  May 2002 More fantastic astrology books by Paraview Literary Agency client A.T. Mann have found a publisher. Vega Books bought Reflections on the Sacred Garden and The Round Art. Kudos to Mann!  
  2002 The Paraview Literary Agency is proud to annouce our newest clients. Marilyn Diamond, author of the bestselling Fit For Life, is now bringing us Spiritually Fit For Life, reminding us that it's not just about the diet. Ralph and Lahni De Amicis are the authors of Feng Shui and the Tango in Twelve Easy Lessons, a fun book that explains how to change our lives by moving the furniture.

Paraview Press proudly announces our summer titles. Flowers That Heal: Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, and Other Secrets of the Fairies, by Judy Griffin, invites you to step into the Land of Thyme, a world where fairies use flowers and plants for healing and general well-being. Interwoven into this delightful fairytale is vital information on the benefits that flowers and plants provide in achieving optimum health. Griffin is a renowned teacher, herbalist, and aromatherapist. The Sonic Thread: Weavings from the Altar of Sound is by musicologist and founder of the Sacred Sound Institute Cynthia Snodgrass. Snodgrass shares her experiences with music and spirituality during her travels around the world. These true stories are educational and inspiring and teach us how to find spirituality in music.
  March 2002 Paraview Press author Laurie Nadel (Dancing with the Wind) has three appearances scheduled on Long Island this spring. On Saturday, May 11, she will be signing and reading from her book at Canio’s, located at 290 Main Street, Sag Harbor, at 6 p.m. At 10:30 a.m. on June 8, and again on June 15, she will be speaking on “Your Healing Intelligence” at Gurney’s Inn, located at 290 Old Montauk Highway. 

Yet another Paraview Literary Agency client has landed a film deal. Mark Macy's Miracles in the Storm, published by NAL/Penguin, has been optioned by Carolyn McDonald at Visibility Communications, Inc. Macy is an expert in the revolutionary technique of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), in which otherworldly entities contact humans through ordinary technological devices such as computers and radios. A former skeptic and agnostic, Macy's story is inspiring and thought-provoking.

New Line Cinema has optioned the story of Paraview Literary Agency client Charmayne James, Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion, and her prize-winning quarterhorse Scamper. James and Scamper are legends in the sport. James bought Scamper when she was 13 and Scamper was a mean, feed-lot ranch horse. But James and Scamper went on to win 10 consecutive world titles and overcome bias as she's become a leader in the movement for equality for women in rodeo and gained the support of the Women's Sports Foundation. Not bad for a girl from Clayton, New Mexico, pop. 3,000. Clayton just happens to have held the first Barrel Racing World Championship in 1959. Twenty-five years later, in a nice "dreams really can come true" moment, James and Scamper seized that title.

The UK branch of the Paraview Literary Agency continues to grow with its latest sale, South American Healing Traditions by Michael Peter Langevin. New Page Books will publish this valuable resource.

Colin Bennett, author of Looking for Orthon, is speakng at the Fortean Times UnConvention in Bristol, England on April 6. Looking for Orthon> details the story of George Adamski, who, according to Bennett, became the first flying saucer contactee in 1952 when he met Orthon, a long-haired youth from Venus. 
  February 2002 In London, Lisa Hagan sold Paraview Literary Agency client A.T. Mann's latest work, The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space, to Vega UK. In this comprehensive guide, Mann explains not only the what’s and how’s of astrology, but the why’s too. The Round Art is perfect for those who are interested in the mechanisms of astrology, such as astronomical phenomena and celestial movements, archetypal symbolism, and chart interpretation.

Pocket Books won an auction for the autobiography of Paraview Literary Agency client Ty Murray, the King of the Cowboys. Murray is the most accomplished rodeo athlete in the sport's 100-year history. In 1999 he won his seventh All Around World Championship title, which is an all-time world record in the sport of rodeo. He's often referred to as "King of the Cowboys,” "Superman in Boots" and “the Michael Jordan of professional rodeo.”

Thanks to a generous gift from an interested donor and the cooperation of a number organizations that were located on the top floors of the World Trade Center, Paraview Press has donated 1,000 copies of Spiritual Places In and Around New York City to families who lost loved ones on September 11. The donation was made with the hopes that these survivors will find Spiritual Places to be a valuable guide to maintaining serenity at a difficult time. The firms that have cooperated in this distribution include Channel 11 (WPIX), Fred Alger Management, Fiduciary Trust Co., Inc., Marsh & McLennan Co., Inc., New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Sandier O'Neill & Partners, Uniformed Firefighters Association, and Washington Group Foundation Inc. The distribution to the families of victims from these firms was made possible with funds contributed by Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Erickson of Richmond, Virginia. In addition, authors Len Belzer and Emily Squires waived their royalties in order to maximize the number of copies that could be donated.
  January 2002 Paraview Press author Loren Coleman is a hot media star these days. In the course of publicizing his new book Mothman and Other Curious Encounters and the new Mothman Prophecies movie, he has been interviewed by newspapers such as USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, and The Scotsman; radio programs such as BBC News, Art Bell , 21st Century Radio, and dozens of other radio shows across the country and around the world; magazines such as Fortean Times, Fate and Fangoria; and online sites such as,, and He also appeared in a new documentary called “Search for the Mothman,” which aired on the FX Channel at the end of January. Congratulations, Loren!

It was in the stars—on both sides of the ocean--for astrologer, artist and Paraview Literary Agency author A.T. Mann. Lisa Hagan, in the London office, sold Mann’s Divine Life Astrology and The Sacred Garden both to Vega, a division of Chrysalis Books UK,, in nice deals. Meanwhile, in New York, Sandra Martin sold Mann’s A New Vision of Astrology to Simon and Schuster, also in a nice deal.

The Paraview Literary Agency will open an office in London. Lisa Hagan will be heading up this new and exciting venture. She will represent new author's in the UK, as well as continuing to represent authors from the US and around the world.

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