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Expert on Remote Viewing
Warns that U.S. Troops May Battle
Mental Espionage and Psychic Spying by Iraq

  Retired from U.S. Army Intelligence, Lyn Buchanan, author of THE SEVENTH SENSE, was a Remote Viewer and Database Manager for the U.S. Military’s Remote Viewing Unit.
Code-named Operation Star Gate, Lyn’s unit utilized psychic spying techniques to procure intelligence information of both military and political nature from the mid-1970s through the mid-1990s. This unit was used by virtually all U.S. military branches and government agencies at all levels of the government, including the Executive branch. THE SEVENTH SENSE: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told By A Psychic Spy For the U.S. Military by Lyn Buchanan; Paraview Pocket Books, (ISBN: 0-7434-6268-8) is a nonfiction book that deals with the work of the U.S. remote viewing unit throughout the previous Gulf War in Iraq, and other international crises. The intelligence that this book reveals about Saddam Hussein and his intentions is a wealth of must-know information for anyone wanting to understand the present world situation.

Is Saddam stealing the coalition’s daily battle plans?
Are psychic spies involved in OPERATION: IRAQI FREEDOM?

According to Buchanan, “Unlike electronic and human espionage, mental espionage is completely undetectable. It was only after the last war that Saddam Hussein became aware of our government’s previous use of mental espionage against him, and of the crucial part it played in his past defeat. After the Gulf War, his intelligence effort began collecting information on our espionage tool. If he has been building an arsenal of other weapons, it is possible he has also developed mental espionage.”

Are Saddam’s psychic spies causing havoc on the battlefield for U.S. troops?
Buchanan says, “If Iraq is using psychic spies, the goal would be to give direct and timely intelligence on our emplacements, plans and intentions, capabilities and personnel, so that enemy troops can invoke havoc on the Coalition through the element of surprise. It is during that first few moments of a surprise attack when those being attacked are most prone to chaotic indecision and making mistakes.”

Is Saddam working the battlefield with remote viewing tactics?
Buchanan reports, “Key indicators of mental espionage at work is when commanders and reporters use the words, ‘unexpected’ and ‘surprise’. Recent newscasts have indicated that moments of surprise are when we have been losing our soldiers. Any intelligence officer worth his salt, hearing the indicator words of ‘surprised’ and ‘unexpected’ to describe what is happening to our troops, would have to strongly suspect that the remote viewing weapon we are no longer using against Saddam Hussein, he is now using against us.”
  About the Author
  Lyn Buchanan, author of THE SEVENTH SENSE, is now the Executive Director of Problems Solutions Innovations, providing training and services to governmental agencies, the corporate world, and private individuals.  He is the founder of the non-profit project Assigned Witness Program where trained, qualified and experienced remote viewers can volunteer their services for police work, finding missing children, and other public services.
By Lyn Buchanan
Paraview Pocket Trade Paperback Original
Publication Date: February 27, 2003
DOI: The Seventh Sense The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a "Psychic Spy" for the U.S. MilitaryPoint here for more book info
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