January 22, 2001



Was My Wife a Casualty of America’s Medical Cold War?
by A. Robert Smith

  “An inspiring story of love, faith, and courage in the face of terminal cancer. And a powerful testimony to the urgent need for cooperation between allopathic and alternative medicine.”
--Simone Gabbay,
Author, Nourishing the Body Temple

“A deeply moving story of love and faith in the face of profoundly difficult choices posed by a life-threatening illness. By sharing his wife struggle with cancer and her conscious death at home in the presence of loved ones, Bob Smith has given a gift of inestimable value to all of us as we confront mortality.”
--Daniel Redwood,
Author, A Time to Heal
  Following two broken marriages and her mother’s suicide, Jane came into the happiest time of her life with a new love. But she soon became ill, and her life came to a tragic and premature end. Her death certificate states that she died of “metastatic carcinoma of unknown primary” — medical lingo for a cancer whose source remains a mystery. But the truth abouth the nature of her death is shocking. Jane found herself at the mercy of health-care practitioners, some of whom believed the best treatment was traditional medicine, and others who swore by more alternative healing methods. The two schools of thought proved fatal for Jane. The doctors spent too much time and energy belittling one another’s methods and refusing to cooperate with eachother, and too little on diagnosing and treating Jane’s illness This poignant story, told through Jane’s private journals by her loving husband, is a cautionary tale for everyone caught in the crossfire of America’s medical “cold war.”
  About A. Robert Smith
  A. ROBERT SMITH is the editor of Venture Inward magazine, author of five previous books, and a former Washington correspondent and columnist whose work has been published in the New York Times Magazine, Newsday, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post, Portland Oregonian, Virginian-Pilot and other publications. He lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
by A. Robert Smith
Paraview Press Trade Paper Original
Pub. Date: January 22, 2001
ISBN: 1-931044-04-X Health
DOI: Misdiagnosed: WAS MY WIFE A CASUALTY OF AMERICA'S MEDICAL COLD WAR? Point here for more book info
5 ˝ x 81/4, 232 pages, $14.95
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