March 15, 2001


by John Willner

  The Majority of horoscopes in current use are terribly wrong. Why? Because spiritual birth times, which are essential to producing an accurate horoscope according to Edgar Cayce, occur up to four-a-half hours before physical birth. That difference leaves aspects between planets the same, but shifts all house cusps backward by up to one or two signs. Compared with most of today’s faulty horoscopes, these “perfect horoscopes” match personas with awesome precision and provide greatly enhance forecasting capabilities. This revolutionary book on astrology shows you how to (1) arrive at spiritual birth times, (2) apply two other fundamentals of astrology currently omitted from most horoscopes, and (3) verify your now totally functional horoscope.

Topics covered in this book include: Who in recorded history may have been responsible for the mistakes of astrology, and its subsequent fall from grace; How to calculate, soul-chosen horoscopes; What steps can be taken to verify a soul-chosen horoscope; Why progressions-not transits-mark the stepping-stones of life; When horoscopes can be used to confirm fundamentals and reject damaging false ideas (such as the “first breath” theory); Which concepts will change as we move from the Piscean Age of tolerant opinions to the Aquarian Age of benevolent intelligence.
About John Willner
  JOHN WILLNER is a retired senior scientist who led state-of-the-art technology projects throughout most of his career. Before receiving advanced engineering degrees and entering his chosen profession, he became a proficient astrologer. An aunt provided the first astrology books to satisfy his reading interests, and within five years he was doing work on fundamentals and absorbing the wisdom of exceptional teachers. He successfully applied astrology to hiring employees, making important business decisions, selecting his marriage partner, and assisting other people who were aware of his involvement. Since his retirement, his primary interest has been the advancement of astrology, to return the field to the high level of respect it once held.
  Perfect Horoscope
by John Wilner
Paraview Press Trade Paper Original
Pub. Date: January 15, 2001
ISBN: 1-931044-06-6 Astrology
DOI: The Perfect Horoscope: Following the Astrological Guidelines Established by Edgar CaycePoint here for more book info
5 ½ x 81/4, 321 pages, $17.95
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