March 1, 2002



How to get a New Look and a New Life
By Sheila Grant 

  Sheila Grant can introduce every woman to her new best self. As a 43 year old housewife, she re-imaged herself and became a Ford Model. Now Sheila has written Any Woman Can! How to get a New Look and a New Life (Paraview Press, March 2002) to share her secrets.

Sheila Grant uses lipstick and eyebrow pencils as magic wands to lead each woman to a new life, whether she shops at exclusive Beverly Hills boutiques or the mall discount store. Her book is for women who simply want change or those who need change because of a crumbling relationship or a health crisis.

“Outward appearance is your vehicle to transformation,” Sheila says. “When you feel that you look your best, your body language is different and you appear confident. When you are confident, you can forge ahead.”

Sheila believes that in their 30s, women stop really seeing themselves in the mirror because they lose the desire and ability to see themselves. They may be aware of how other women look or what they are wearing, but most look at themselves only to apply lipstick or mascara. With that, they lose the ability to pull their best looks together. Sheila’s method of re-imaging is an honest one. She says it is not always fun -- it takes time and commitment. It begins with acknowledging that men have it easier, then releasing that thought and getting started. She relates her own personal story to encourage women to believe they can change their looks and their lives. She helps them access the self they present to the world and evaluate the option of plastic surgery as well as find the best products and beauty professionals to assist them.

Her book includes:
  • The Mirror Test, in which a woman appraises herself dressed, wearing a swimsuit, and then finally nude before a full-length mirror.
  • The Essential Wardrobe, no matter where it is purchased
  • The Closet -- Separating the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Every woman’s most important feature
  • Why and how every diet works (with discipline and time)
  • Dating Tips -- real rules for women over 40
  • Her own health crisis, and how it made her strong
  Ultimately, Any Woman Can! How to get a New Look and a New Life is a guide to transformation in the guise of an exceptional beauty book. Sheila Grant helps every woman access her best inner self by putting her best face to the world.
  About Sheila Grant
SHEILA GRANT has successfully re-imagined over five hundred women since 1985. She worked as a fashion director for TV shows on CBS and NBC, then started her own image consulting firm, taking individual clients, and conducting seminars and workshops for women. She also became a Ford model at the age of 43, after her own re-imaging. Visit
  Any Woman Can!
By Sheila Grant
Paraview Press (Trade Paperback),
Pub. Date: March 1, 2002
ISBN: 1931044-33-3, Mind, Body, Spirit
DOI: Any Woman Can!
6x9, 244 pages, $15.95
  This book is available through,, and can be ordered through local and online bookstores nationwide.


  About Paraview Press
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