March 24, 2003



Coverup, crisis, and cure
by Eileen P. Flynn, Ph.D.

  How many wounding headlines will it take to force the Catholic Church to permanently cure its institutional corruption?
  More than 60 million Catholics in the U.S. are faced with the decision to demand changes or deliberately look the other way. ďThe corrupt administration of the Church is distinctly separate from the issues of Catholic beliefs and practices,Ē says Dr. Eileen P. Flynn, theologian, professor, and author of CATHOLICS AT A CROSSROADS: COVERUP, CRISIS, AND CURE. ďAt the root of this problem, you will find startling similarities between Catholic leadership and corrupt administrations like Enron and WorldCom. Itís time to understand how from-the-altar Church beliefs differ from behind-the-church-door politics and bureaucratic decisions. Itís a tragic reality that in the business of faith, some of our leaders have actively abused our trust in them. Itís time for Catholics to clean up corruption and sin by starting with our own leaders and our own institution.Ē

CATHOLICS AT A CROSSROADS: COVERUP, CRISIS, AND CURE boldly blows the whistle on institutional corruption, clearly describing the ugly reality of a dysfunctional institution and defining what went wrong with the Catholic churchís administration. Author Eileen P. Flynn, Ph.D focuses on the sexual molestation of minors by priests, and carefully examines the shocking crisis that developed when corrupt cardinals and bishops routinely tried to cover up Catholicismís most harrowing scandals. Dr. Flynn is uncompromising in the quest to unveil the truth about Church corruption. She is equally steadfast in the search to pinpoint ways for Catholics to recover and heal from the crisis.
  About Eileen P. Flynn, Ph.D.
  The author of thirteen books, theologian Eileen P. Flynn is a professor at Saint Peterís College, New Jersey. A practicing Catholic all her life, she has been married for 35 years and is the mother of four adult children. Dr. Flynn resides in Beach Haven, NJ. Flynnís book CATHOLICS AT A CROSSROADS: COVERUP, CRISIS, AND CURE is endorsed by prominent Catholics, including well-known investigative reporter Jason Berry.
By Eileen Flynn
Paraview Press Trade Paper Original
Pub. Date: March 24, 2003
ISBN: 1-931044-46-5, Religion/ Current Affairs
DOI: Catholics at a Crossroads Coverup, Crisis, and Cure
5 Ĺ x 81/4, 167 pages, $13.95, £10.99
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