November 1, 2002



  New York, NY- Paraview Publishing, an innovative publisher of original print-on-demand books today announced the creation of Paraview Special Editions, a new imprint dedicated to bring out-of-print books back to life. As with its other imprints, these books will target a rapidly increasing audience with a passion for body, mind, spirit and the frontiers of science and culture. The first book published under this new imprint will be Leadership in a New Era. The book is a collection of vision and wisdom for tomorrow’s business leaders, presented by a group of outstanding men and women in a joint collaboration. Contributors include such successful authors on the subject of “New Leadership” as Warren Bennis (Leaders and On Becoming a New Leader), Margaret Wheatley (Leadership and the New Science), James Autry (Love & Profit and Work & Life), Max DePree (Leadership Is an Art ), and Ann Morrison (The New Leaders and Breaking the Glass Ceiling) highlight this rich collection of essays, which is edited by John Renesch, business futurist and author of Getting to the Better Future.

"We are excited to start this new imprint, which developed naturally based on requests from the market place: both authors and readers kept asking us about certain titles, which were no longer availble. With print-on-demand technology there is no reason to keep books, which might be interesting to old and new audiences, out-of-print and hidden.”, said Alexander M. Dake, CEO of Paraview Publishing. “We believe that Paraview Special Editions offers a service, which is quite unique. With this service we will offer the best of both worlds: like traditional publishers our focus will continue to be on quality of content and possible additions to the reprinted books; however, we will use the flexibility and service-mindedness provided to us by print-on-demand technology. It probably is no coincidence that our first Paraview Special Editions title deals with buiness in a new era. The publishing industry is changing as we speak: quietly but clearly. Paraview intends to play a role in these changes. ”
  About John Renesch
JOHN RENESCH is a San Francisco-based business futurist, commentator and the creator of several progressive business books, including Learning Organizations, New Traditions in Business, The Bottom Line, and Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing. He publishes a free monthly newsletter – Better Future News – from his website ( . He is also an international keynote speaker.
Leadership in a New Era
Edited by John Renesch
Paraview Special Editions Trade Paper Original
ISBN 1-9310044-40-6, Trade Paper Reprint, Business
DOI: Leadership in a New Era: Visionary Approaches to the Biggest Crises of Our Time
Pub. Date: February 1, 2003
5 ½ x 81/4, 328 pages, $16.95, £12.99
About Paraview Special Editions
Paraview Publishing is a publisher that utilizes new media technology to publish quality works in body, mind, and spirit and the frontiers of science and culture -- areas related to the transformation of society. Our imprints include Paraview Press, print-on-demand books for niche audiences; Paraview Special Editions, reprints of select out-of-print books and international books; and Paraview Pocket Books, traditionally published works for a wide audience. Based in New York City, Paraview targets a global audience, including over 50 million Americans who are interested in health lifestyles, personal development and the transformation of society.


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