October 19, 2001



Book One of the Peter Project
By Al Miner and Lama Sing

  Whether seeking greater understanding about the death of a loved one, or one’s ultimate death, in a place of anxiety, IN THE REALMS BEYOND provides hope and perhaps even anticipation, of the glory and joy in the journeys that await us. The account chronicles the beginning of the celebrated Al Miner’s inexplicable journey to the afterlife with a dying man named Peter through one of Miner’s renowned channeled readings. It provides a look into the afterlife in stunning detail, easing the fear of dying, and giving new hope for the continuation of life after death. The startling, inspiring, and poignant story of Peter’s journey, beyond the portal we call death, strips away the illusions and the mystique about the process of dying and of being born. Lama Sing, through Al Miner’s channel, incites us to look at Peter’s journey with open hearts that will allow readers to apply Peter’s lessons both to our lives on Earth and our meditations on the hereafter:

“We pray that this work as has been given herein, and those which follow in the continuation of Peter’s journey, might promote an understanding with which you can meet and manage each event or circumstance during your sojourn there on Earth. We pray further, that these shall thus make the way that much moreso passable for you, as you move beyond this incarnation and into realms beyond.   


—Lama Sing

  About Al Miner
  AL MINER writes his first fully documented account of a channeled reading in In Realms Beyond. His history of readings is highly documented and followed. Over 9,000 readings have taken place since he first channeled Lama Sing in 1973. In a trance state hauntingly similar to that of Edgar Cayce, Miner has retrieved insights on a wide range of topics—scientific, medical, historical, archeological, geographical, spiritual, and philosophical—and has obtained answers to both technical and personal questions. The accuracy of the information has been documented by research institutions and individuals. In 1984, St. Johns University awarded Miner an honorary doctoral degree in parapsychology.
  In Realms Beyond
by Al Miner and Lama Sing
Paraview Press Trade Paper Original
Pub. Date: October 15, 2001
ISBN: 1-931044-29-5 Metaphysics.
DOI: In Realms Beyond: Book One of the Peter Project
5 ½ x 81/4, 192 pages, $14.95
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