September 1, 2002



Aromas, Herbs, Essences, and Other Secrets of the Fairies
by Judy Griffin, Ph.D.

  Judy Griffin is fast becoming one of America’s leading spokespersons on the use of flowers and herbs to achieve optimal health. As the founder of an aromatherapy business, a teacher and medical consultant, Dr. Griffin focuses on the many ways aromatherapy, flower essences, herbs, and nutrition can catalyze innate healing. Readers of Flowers That Heal will be thrilled to discover that her new book reveals Dr. Griffin’s latest findings on how to –
  • distill essential oils and flower essences to promote relaxation and regeneration
  • formulate natural skin care for radiant health and beauty
  • prepare herbal tonics and teas to enhance energy and immunity
  • brew tonics for every female complaint, from menses to menopause
  • fashion natural pet care and insect repellents
  The book is chock full of recipes and tips that the author has developed. How magical these formulas can be is underscored by the delightful fairy story which provides the context for her narrative.

What experts are saying about Flowers That Heal
“Judy Griffin knows about fairies. And Judy Griffin knows about herbs, aromatherapy, and flower essences. In Flowers that Heal she’s combined her two passions into a quirky story that has the reader laughing out loud, yet which contains information that is sophisticated and easy to incorporate into daily life. Highly recommended.”
—Maureen Rogers, Director of the Herb Growing & Marketing Network

[Flowers That Heal] “is wonderful; the mythology, the humor, the recipes. The mind of Judy Griffin is fertile, spiritual, beautiful, creative, and yet, apparently, in touch with what will interest others.”
Dr. Francine Morrison (psychiatrist)

“I’ve used Judy’s information and flower essences consistently for the 12 years I’ve been in practice. I use her flower essences daily and wouldn’t want to be without them.”
—Steven Hiebert, D.C.
  About Judy Griffin, Ph.D.
  JUDY GRIFFIN, Ph.D. is a renowned teacher, herbalist,and aromatherapist. She organically grows and produces Petite Fleur Essences and AromaHealth™ essential oil and skincare products. Her aroma blends are used at the Baylor Healing Program in Dallas, Texas. Griffin also developed an herbal curriculum for the University of Texas in Arlington and Texas Christian University.

Dr. Griffin has a Ph.D. in nutrition, and teaches nutrition, herbs, and aromatherapy for the “Neat” breast cancer program sponsored by Harris Hospital. She has also lectured at the International Flower Essence Conference at Findhorn and the Natural Menopause Symposium in England with Dr. John Lee. She is the author of Mother Nature’s Herbal, a definitive book on herbal medicine. Visit
  Flowers That Heal
by Judy Griffin
Paraview Press Trade Paper Original
Pub. Date: September 1, 2002
ISBN: 1-931044-35-X Alternative Health.
DOI: Flowers that Heal: Nutrition, Aromatherapry, Flower Essences & Other Secrets of the Fairies
6x9, 312 pages, $18.95
  This book is available through,, and can be ordered through local and online bookstores nationwide.


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