August 1, 2003



Business as an Adventure in Human Development
By Rolf Österberg


“The primary purpose of a company is no longer to make a profit. Instead, the primary purpose of a company is to serve as an arena or platform for the personal and human development of those working in the company. The profits are by-products.”

  Swedish business Rolf Österberg argued in the early nineties that businesses have all their priorities wrong. Paradoxically, corporations also, more than any other institution – have the potential to act as an agent of change toward a human-oriented world. After the bust of the late 1990s, the mismanagement by executives and the corporate failures among the Enrons and Worldcoms of this world, Österberg’s vision and message is even more important and urgent than ever before. Many readers around the globe asked for a release of this visionary business book, and here it is: Corporate Renaissance.
  In this book, Österberg explores:
  • How the creativity of its employees – not capital – is a company’s greatest asset
  • Why employee-owned companies are the model for the future
  • Why hierarchies prevent problem-solving
  • How profit-taking can doom a company
  • Why setting goals without an underlying vision is destructive
  A must-read for executives looking for ways how to keep their company moving in a sustainable and profitable direction or employees wanting to understand how important they really are for the success of their company.
  “Rolf Österberg is a business leader trail-blazing a path toward a sustainable global future that other companies may follow.”

--Hazel Henderson, economist and author, Beyond Globalization and Paradigms in Progress.

  “I recommend Corporate Renaissance to everyone whose life is involved in business. It points directly to the future of business, commerce and humankind.”

-- Gary Zukav, author, The Seat of the Soul

  About Rolf Österberg
  ROLF ÖSTERBERG is a seasoned executive in the media industry. He was CEO of Swensk Filmindustri, Scandinavia’s largest film company, and deputy CEO of the Dagens Nyheters Group, Scandinavia’s largest newspaper company. Corporate Renaissance was a best-seller in Sweden, where it was first published. Österberg has a law degree from the University of Stockholm and attended the executive management program of Harvard Business School. He is currently on the faculty of the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, California.
  Corporate Renaissance
by Rolf Österberg
Paraview Special Editions Trade Paper Original
ISBN 1-9310044-54-6, Trade Paper Reprint, Business
DOI: Corporate Renaissance
Pub. Date: August 1, 2003
5 ˝ x 81/4, 153 pages, $14.95, Ł11.99
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