January 6, 2004



Experiencing the Next World Now
by Michael Grosso, Ph.D.

Embark on the Ultimate Adventure of Consciousness

  Famed philosopher Michael Grosso offers a compelling argument for the existence of an afterlife -- and shows how we can explore it ourselves while still alive -- in EXPERIENCING THE NEXT WORLD NOW (Paraview Pocket Books; January 6, 2004; $14.00).

Where can we turn to for answers? Mainstream science says nothing at all will happen after death, religion reminds us to keep the faith, and popular culture is more entertaining than enlightening. But there is ample evidence for survival after death, and where it leads is the subject of Michael Grosso’s breakthrough book.

Grosso proposes that the reason mediums are able to contact the dead is that the Next World is intertwined with the physical world. Grosso shows how common features of our mental life and creativity are bridges to the “next” world, and that there is much indirect evidence that we inhabit an afterlife-friendly universe.

After establishing solid grounds for the belief in a life after death, Grosso shows readers how to have personal experiences. Such experimentation includes time-tested ways of leaving the body, communicating with spirits of loved ones, and tasting the power of the light -- all part of the new afterlife paradigm.

Micahael Grosso’s book provides readers with a framework for exploring the next world now. In addition to specific practices, this means changing our lives in subtle yet concrete ways, such as working on our diet, changing our philosophy of work, and exploring our deepest sense of who we are. Whatever survives death must lie close at hand, within the depths of our living selves: EXPERIENCING THE NEXT WORLD NOW points the way there -- the ultimate adventure of consciousness.
  “The book’s argument begins at a measured pace, with an emphasis on scientifically observed cases…Fans of the paranormal may appreciate Grosso’s wide-ranging survey, which includes not only familiar cases but some rescued from historical obscurity.” -- Publishers Weekly

“A daring new vision of consciousness is currently taking shape, in which the mind transcends the physical brain and body. This new picture of the mind holds the promise of survival of bodily death -- immortality. Dr. Michael Grosso is one of the leading architects of this new paradigm.” -- Larry Dossey, MD, author of Mind Beyond Body, Healing Words, and Reinventing Medicine

“In The Final Choice, Michael shares his brilliant insights on the direction of human consciousness. He is an original thinker whose contributions in the field of human consciousness reflect his deep understanding of the most pressing spiritual questions of our time. His skill at investigating the afterlife leads a reader into a grounded pursuit of the foundation of our inner work. He tackles the questions about what lies ahead -- and within us -- with masterful skill. His genius as a writer is also worthy of praise. Michael is a magnificent writer. He knows how to utilize the English language to its maximum potential. I cannot encourage you enough to enjoy the mind -- and the pen -- of the mind of Michael Grosso.” -- Caroline M. Myss, author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit

“Having heard Michael Grosso speak on several occasions, I can’t think of anyone who can handle this challenging and all-important material any better. He expresses himself with wonderful clarity, and with humor, and manages at the same time to maintain a proper attitude of skepticism. Without that note of careful skepticism, Michael would not have gained my ear, nor will he with the thousands of readers who are open-minded but not yet convinced that there is a life after death. My confidence is such that Michael and I have scheduled meetings to discuss the spirituality and philosophy of humor, a project I personally look forward to.” -- John Cleese
  About Michael Grosso, Ph.D.
  Dr. Michael Grosso studied classics and obtained a Ph.D. in philosophy from Columbia University. He has taught philosophy and the humanities at Kennedy University, City University of New York, and New Jersey City University. He is on the Board of Directors of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association, and is working with the Esalen Center of Theory and Research on a consciousness research project. His previous books include The Millennium Myth and Soulmaking.
  Experiencing the Next World Now
Michael Grosso, Ph.D.
Paraview Pocket Books Trade Paperback Original, 2004
Publication Date: January 6, 2004
ISBN: 0-7434-7105-9
DOI: Experiencing the Next World Now
Trade paperback, 320 pages, $14.00
  Experiencing the Next World Now is available through,, and can be ordered through local and online bookstores nationwide. For further information or to request a review copy, call 212-989-3616.
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