July 1, 2003



By Gabriel Horn


How lives which are lived with a spiritual and historical connection to the past give us all a sense of hope for the future.

Native Heart is the story of Gabriel Horn and his attempt to live a modern man’s life that’s true to the indigenous spirit of this land we call America. As a teacher in the American Indian Movement Survival Schools, and as a writer, activist, husband, and father, Horn presents a challenging and haunting perspective on our “new world” culture and values. Whether it’s revealing a genocide Western historians choose to ignore, enabling Native American prisoners to pray with the pipe, or teaching his own Native children the lessons of nature and history, Horn stays true to his heart and to the vision that inspired his journey. His encounters with the “shadow people,” his relationship to the Earth, and his quest for understanding and purpose within the “Great Holy Mystery” are retold in this intimate autobiographical novel.

“A mesmerizing mix of lyrical musings about nature and nurture, contempt for values that destroy, rage at the powerful who humiliate and discount Indians, and thoughtful, intimate teachings about the ‘Indian Way’ . . . . A stirring autobiography and a revealing look at Native American activism” - Booklist 
  About Gabriel Horn
  GABRIEL HORN (White Deer of Autumn) is a nationally recognized lecturer on Native American philosophy and its connection to the rights of indigenous people, animals, and the welfare of the environment. Horn was one of the original teachers who helped establish the American Indian Movement Survival Schools in Minnesota and is now a professor of writing and literature. Selected for Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, Horn has written the award-winning Ceremony -- In The Circle of Life, as well as other books. He lives in Florida near the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.
  Native Heart
by Gabriel Horn
Paraview Special Editions Trade Paper Original
ISBN 1931044554, Trade Paper Reprint, Autobiography
DOI: Native Heart
Pub. Date: July 1, 2003
5 ½ x 81/4, 300 pages, $15.95, £12.99
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