May 27, 2003


  For the first time ever, real life cases of paranormal phenomena are revealed—
straight from the secret files of the world’s governments !

Real Government Files on the Unknown
by Nick Redfern and Andy Roberts

  Most people only know of the shadowy FBI “X-files” through the network television series that covered everything from alien abductions to paranormal monsters on the loose. Easily dismissed as fictional (or highly dubious at best), it’s hard to imagine that such cases actually exist in the world outside of television. Well, think again. In his new book, STRANGE SECRETS: Real Government Files on the Unknown (Paraview Pocket Books Trade Paperback Original; May 27, 2003; $14.00), Nick Redfern and Andy Roberts uncover the real-life X-files from the FBI vaults (as well as cases recorded by other governments around the world) and find that their contents are every bit as bizarre as those seen on TV. Through years of research and study, Redfern and Roberts are able to blow the lid off of the subjects and cases that world governments are currently investigating, yet never wanted the public to know about.

Some of the incredible cases the authors are able to uncover include: A case file opened up by the CIA on “Noah’s Ark,” the real investigation behind the mysterious “crop circles,” investigative accounts of UFO sightings and alien abductions, studies into ritualistic animal mutilations, the real-life “Men in Black” and their purpose in government, studies of out-of-body espionage, research into spontaneous human combustion, and much more. Each of the cases exposed in STRANGE SECRETS are backed up with official government documents and countless interviews with subjects and witnesses to corroborate the sensational stories. Even the most hardened conspiracy theorist will be confounded by the sheer amount of paranormal activity the world’s governments have been secretly involved in all these years.

STRANGE SECRETS is undoubtedly the most extensive and comprehensive collection of official
paranormal cases ever documented. Given that all of the material is taken from legitimate government documents only adds credibility to Redfern’s and Roberts’ research – proving once and for all the legitimacy of paranormal phenomena and the assertion that truth really is stranger than fiction.
  About the Authors
  NICK REDFERN and ANDY ROBERTS are among the world’s leading journalists on paranormal activity, ranging from their work on various U.F.O. magazines to their bestselling books on the subject. Redfern is the author of three bestselling books on UFOs in the United Kingdom. He also writes for such magazine as UFO Magazine, The Daily Express, and Military Illustrated. He currently lives in Houston, TX (visit )

Roberts has been an editor for UFO Brigantia and The Armchair Ufologist, and written for the Fortean Times and Exploring the Supernatural among other publications. He currently lives in London, England.
(visit )
By Nick Redfern and Andy Roberts
Publisher: Paraview Pocket Books Trade Paperback Original
Price: $14.00
Publication Date: May 27, 2003
ISBN: 0-7434-6976-3
DOI: Strange Secrets :Real Government Files on the Unknown
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