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The television and film production division of Paraview was founded in 1985 by Sandra Martin, an award-winning television executive.

Currently in production for cable and network television are six series, including:

The Other News. We cover news that the other news shows donít.

The Next Level. A documentary series on cutting edge topics based on a series of Paraview Pocket Books and hosted by Roy Thinnes.

Phenom. Hosts Nick Redfern and Veronica Reynolds put on their hiking boots in search of the unknown.

Previously, Martin was Senior Vice President of Content for Wisdom Television from 2001 to 2003. During this time she executive produced numerous programs, including:

Wisdom at Work. This series focused on companies that are catalysts in a movement toward value driven and socially responsible business. Featured were Mo Siegel, founder of Celestial Seasonings Tea, Mark Retzloff, Co-Founder of Horizon Organic Dairy and Rudiís Bakery; Jeffrey Hollender, the CEO of Seventh Generation; Gary Hirshberg, CEO of Stonyfield Farms; Michelle Kozin, Owner of Organic Weddings; Marci Zaroff, CEO of Under the Canopy; Bill Shireman, CEO of Global Futures and Lester Brown, Founder of Earth Policy Institute.

Is It Really Me? An intimate look at the hazards of becoming a woman. This pilot for a six part series won a Cine Golden Eagle.

Loretta La Roche, Life is Not a Stress Rehearsal. Loretta, the New Age Roseanne Barr, is a life-coach extraordinaire. She was the star of five Emmy Award winning specials on PBS. This special was shot at the Caroline's Comedy Club in New York.

9.11.02: From the Ground Up. This six hour live production from the Sirius Satellite Radio Studios in New York City emphasized the power of the individual and the importance of working collectively to heal ourselves, heal others and create a better future for all of us. The host Caroline Myss is an international workshop leader, lecturer, and the bestselling author of Why People Donít Heal and How They Can and Anatomy of the Spirit.

Paraviewís highly regarded entertainment and documentary films and videos also include:

Intuition. Hosted by Roy Scheider, this three-part miniseries explores how intuition has played a significant and vital role in inventions, science, art, sports, business, medicine, and the growing consciousness movement. It aired as a PBS pledge-week special.

The Power of Dreams. This three hour special mini-series for the Discovery Channel explores how dreams have shaped cultures around the world from Native American to Jewish and Christian religious cultures. Hosted by Sam Waterston, this series aired on every television system in the world, with the exception of China.

Edgar Cayce. A documentary of six one hour programs on the world famous medical clairvoyant and psychic was made for Wellspring Media for the international television and home video markets.

Cowgirls: Heroines of the American West. This documentary shot in "high definition" format for NHK, the largest Japanese television network, follows real life cowgirls in the southwest. It also aired on the Learning Channel.

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