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Breaking the Time Barrier
The Race to Build the First Time Machine
By Jenny Randles
Trade Paperback; Science
288 pages
ISBN: 0743492595
List Price: $13.00

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Once widely considered an impossibility--the stuff of science fiction novels--time travel may finally be achieved in the twenty-first century. In Breaking the Time Barrier, best-selling author Jenny Randles reveals the nature of recent, breakthrough experiments that are turning this fantasy into reality.

The race to build the first time machine is a fascinating saga that began about a century ago, when scientists such as Marconi and Edison and Einstein carried out research aimed at producing a working time machine. Today, physicists are conducting remarkable experiments that involve slowing the passage of information, freezing light, and breaking the speed of light--and thus the time barrier. In the 1960s we had the "space race." Today, there is a "time race" involving an underground community of working scientists who are increasingly convinced that a time machine of some sort is finally possible.

Here, Randles explores the often riveting motives of the people involved in this quest (including a host of sincere, if sometimes misguided amateurs), the consequences for society should time travel become a part of everyday life, and what evidence might indicate that it has already become reality. For, if time travel is going to happen--and some Russian scientists already claim to have achieved it in a lab--then its effects may already be apparent.


Jenny Randles
has sold more than one and a half million copies of her fifty published books, which always push at the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Randles was trained in science at university, specializing in physics and geology. She has written articles for such journals as New Scientist and has carried out case investigations with the Jodrell Bank Centre, a leading space and radio astronomy facility in the U.K. She lives in North Wales.

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