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Anomalies, Heresies, and Conspiracies
By Jim Richardson and Allen Richardson

Paraview Press, 2004
ISBN: 1-931044-63-5
Science, 320 pages
Trade paperback, $16.95

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True believers and skeptics beware:
What you know about science may be wrong.

In Gonzo Science, science commentators Jim and Allen Richardson are more faithful than the believers and more skeptical than the skeptics -- and they íre funnier, too. They expose the fault lines in modern science, remove the linchpins of established theories, resolve anomalies, and present alternatives to mainstream assumptions. In Gonzo Science, the Richardson brothers investigate:

  • Theories that threaten the Big Bang

  • Evidence of an exploded planet in our solar system

  • What really causes UFOs

  • Why life on Earth may have evolved from outer space

  • The misuse of science that creates nuclear waste and genetically modified foods

  • How the community of professional skeptics has gone wrong

  • Cutting-edge research in astronomy, plasma physics, biology, archaeology, cold fusion, consciousness, and history

Also included are the Gonzo brothersí interviews with alternative-science luminaries such as astronomer Tom Van Flandern, systems theorist Fritjof Capra, biologist Rupert Sheldrake, cold fusion physicist Edmund Storms, JFK assassination researcher Jim Fetzer, and others.


Gonzo Science articles have appeared in The Ripsaw News of Duluth, Minnesota, and The Anomalist. Their website features more essays from the Richardsons as well as the tuneful Gonzo Science CD.

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