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The Healing Power of Anger
The Unexpected Path to Love and FulfillmentPoint here for more book info

by John R. Rifkin, Ph.D.

Paraview Special Editions, 2004
ISBN: 1931044821
Psychology, 204 pages
Trade paperback, $14.95

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Conventional wisdom views anger as red-hot yelling and screaming, a force to be feared and repressed. But psychotherapist John Rifkin views anger in a revolutionary way -- as the natural energy created to heal oneís emotional injuries. In The Healing Power of Anger, Rifkin explains how to identify dysfunctional uses of anger so that readers can "unbend" it and become empowered and self-nurturing. To do so, he explains his Stop, Drop, and Roll system, which heís used with clients for more than 20 years. In addition, Rifkin explores the childhood roots of anger, the spectrum of angry behavior, how anger can be a gift to a relationship, and ice-cold passive-aggressive anger. He also discusses angerís links to addictions, anxiety, mood disorders, and difficulties with emotional intimacy. Readers will come away with new insights into their emotions and behavior and new skills for using their anger in a healthy, functional manner.

"Dr. Rifkin has crafted a profound yet easy-to-understand roadmap of the key emotions that drive our lives. This book is a Ďmust-readí for people trapped in the whirlpool of anger, sadness, or fear. The take-home value is immediate." -- Jim Warner, author of Aspirations of Greatness: Mapping the Midlife Leaderís Reconnection to Self and Soul

"John Rifkin, a gifted psychotherapist, tells us how we can lead happier lives not by stifling our anger but rather by using it constructively. In his straightforward, down-to-earth style, he shares with us easy-to-learn techniques for achieving greater emotional well-being." -- Evelyn Bassoff, Ph.D., author of Mothers and Daughters: Loving and Letting Go

"This excellent book is full of pearls and good advice for people with common psychological problems. Dr. Rifkinís extensive experience and wisdom shine through these pages." -- Steven L. Dubovsky, M.D., professor and chair, Department of Psychiatry, University at Buffalo |

"Dr. Rifkinís groundbreaking book guides readers along a clear pathway to emotional health. His original insights into angerís power to energize the healing process provide a way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of psychotherapy." -- Ivan J. Miller, Ph.D., president of the Boulder Psychotherapists Guild


John R. Rifkin, Ph.D.

is a licensed clinical psychologist based in Boulder, Colorado, who lectures on a wide variety of mental health topics, including issues relating to anger, power, and intimacy. He is featured in a series of educational videos on mental health, including Angerís Power to Heal: Relationships, and hosted the television show Emotional Success. He received the Colorado Psychological Associationís Presidentís Special Award for Service and served as the chair of the Committee on Professional Practice for the Colorado Psychological Association and on its Board of Directors.

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