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In The Big Thicket
On The Trail of the Wild ManPoint here for more book info

by Rob Riggs

Paraview Press, 2001
ISBN 1-931044-26-0
Controversial Knowledge, 185 pp
Trade paperback: $13.95  

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In the Big thicket, the unknown makes profound intrusions into what we call "reality." There are wonders in this region of East Texas and in Southwestern Louisiana—"ghost lights," phantom Indians, howling ape-like "wild men," and fireballs that streak through the nighttime skies —that defy both our common sense notions of space-time and all attempts at scientific explanation. So come along, if you dare, for a trek in this forest primeval. You'll emerge with a heightened sense of wonder and a deeper appreciation of the subtle links between the mysteries of nature and the human mind. 

"Rob Riggs's new book takes the reader on a wild tour through one of America's weirdest wonderlands. Riggs has produced a great collection on such mysterious Texan wonders as the Marfa and Bragg Road ghost lights, and the Big Thicket's Wild Man, including one delightfully named Ol' Mossyback. A shamanistic journey." -- Loren Coleman, author Mysterious America: The Revised Edition 

“[Riggs’] thoroughness as a journalist and knowledge of the area show through on every page.” -- Dan Rather, Anchor and Managing Editor, CBS News


Rob Riggs

is a journalist and the former publisher of a series of award-winning community newspapers in Texas. His interest in "ghost lights," "wild man" sightings, and related phenomena began as a child when he heard tales about them in his hometown of Sour Lake in Big Thicket country. Riggs began writing about the subject more than twenty years ago while working as a reporter for the Kountze News. Since then his studies of the phenomena have been featured in the Houston Chronicle and the Beaumont Enterprise. Riggs has also consulted on ghost lights for Waseda University in Tokyo and the Harvard College Observatory. 

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