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Love Letters
The Romantic Secrets Hidden in Our Handwriting
by Paula Roberts

New Page Books, 2002
Graphology, 192 pages
ISBN: 1564145875
Trade Paperback, $13.99

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Wouldn't life be so much easier if you could find a way to quickly discover which people you are comfortable and compatible with just by looking at a small piece of their handwriting?

Love Letters is filled with easy-to-understand and useful information, showing how by looking at small samples of handwriting, you can start to make better choices of romantic partners. Organized according to particular character traits, each chapter of this book focuses on a specific principle and offers concise explanations. 

The book is also full of celebrity handwriting samples, all used to illustrate certain personality types. Find out whether you have the organizational skills of Madonna, or, the intuitive powers of Bruce Springsteen. Does your loved one have the ambition of Napoleon or the strength of will of Babe Ruth? 

You will learn enough about your partner's personality from this book to gauge the possibility of success in your relationship. For example, just by looking at the direction in which your partner's writing slopes, or whether the tops of the small 'a's and 'o's are open or not, you will know whether he or she is introverted or extroverted, sociable or removed, secretive or very open. 

There is no one magickal tool to ensure happiness in life, but this book may well help you to bypass some problems in your personal life. Love works in mysterious ways, but handwriting is a great help in seeing what obstacles and potentials there are in your relationship.

  Paula Roberts

PAULA ROBERTS is known internationally as the "English Psychic." In 1971 she joined the Spiritualist Association in 
Great Britain, where she learned to develop her clairvoyant abilities. This led to her establishing a flourishing psychic practice. She is also known for her world predictions and scientifically controlled ghost hunting and her successes in these fields have been documented in leading journals of psychic research as well as many television shows. Roberts has lived and worked in New York City since 1978. While still living in London, in 1973 she studied handwriting analysis with Patricia Marne (considered to be one of England's finest graphologists). 

Based on this education, Roberts has always started her counseling sessions with an analysis of the client's own writing, followed by a compatibility study on their friends, family and business associates. It is this very extensive practice which has provided her with invaluable knowledge of the value of assessing relationships through handwriting. This is the wealth of experience she has brought to this book.

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