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Of Poltergeists and Murder: The Curious Story of Tina Resch
by William Roll and Valerie Storey

Paraview Pocket Books, 2004
ISBN: 0743482948
Parapsychology, 320 pages
Trade Paperback, $14.00

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One scientist’s account of the poltergeist case that made headlines across the country -- and the riveting examination of a child’s mysterious murder.

When she was just fourteen years old, Tina Resch became the center of the best-documented case of poltergeist activity of the twentieth century. During the spring of 1984, Tina’s home in Ohio was thrown into chaos: appliances turned themselves on without electric current, objects flew through the air, furniture scooted across the floor. Censured endlessly by her adoptive family and thrust into the eye of a media twister thanks to one reporter’s photographic evidence of a flying phone, Tina was propelled into a downward spiral that led to an abusive marriage, a divorce, and the birth of a child -- all before her twentieth birthday. Three years later she was charged with that child’s murder, and she is currently serving a life sentence for a crime as controversial, mysterious, and complex as the accused herself -- a crime she maintains she did not commit.

Unleashed is Tina’s story as told by a parapsychologist who witnessed striking paranormal phenomena in Tina’s presence. Examining the destructive powers of thwarted emotions from a scientific perspective, William Roll sheds remarkable light on the case of Tina Resch -- and boldly confronts our cultural responses to events that cannot be easily explained.

What People are Saying about Unleashed
"Unleashed is a gripping account of that strange, unguarded borderland between mind and matter, where thought and emotion explode onto the physical world in chaotic, unpredictable ways. William Roll is the world's foremost explorer of poltergeist events, which have been recorded throughout human history. His account of Tina Resch is the most compelling description of these happenings ever published. Unleashed reveals dimensions of consciousness that we have not yet come to terms with, and for this reason this book may be threatening and disturbing. Unleashed should come with a warning label: MAY FOREVER CHANGE YOUR WORLDVIEW." -- Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words

"William Roll and Valerie Storey provide their readers with an amazing narrative, one that will provoke controversy and, perhaps, provide a glimpse into an overlooked dimension of reality. Unleashed describes how William Roll, the world's leading authority on poltergeist phenomena, witnessed powerful forces wreaking havoc in the home of a 14-year-old girl. The book goes on to trace the psychological dynamics associated with these events that resurfaced later in the girl's life, a life that was to be marked by tragedy and sadness. Unleashed tells a powerful story; it is bound to become a classic in the annals of parapsychology.” -- Stanley Krippler, Ph.D., Alan Watts Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School; coauthor, Extraordinary Dreams coeditor, Varieties of Anomalous Experience

"This horror story encompasses every element in a Stephen King novel -- a tragic teenage protagonist, who can cause objects to move with the force of her mind; an assortment of villains, seemingly intent on destroying her; a murdered child -- and an ending that makes you want to leap up and scream. But this isn't fiction. And the author, William G. Roll, Ph.D., is a well-respected parapsychologist, who was at the scene when these events took place. I was mesmerized by this story." -- Lois Duncan, author of Who Killed My Daughter?

"From renowned parapsychologist William Roll and Valerie Storey, a most dramatic and well-documented, poltergeist story. Like a terrible fairy tale, an unhappy girl at odds with her harsh foster parents unleashes strange physical powers, and ends up in prison for the murder of her three-year-old child. A riveting account of a mystery gone tragically awry, this is a book readers will not want to put down.” -- Michael Grosso, Ph.D., author of Experiencing the Next World Now

"In our own professional judgment, the most difficult of all physical processes to study in a rigorous scientific fashion are those that show empirical correlations with subjective aspects of human consciousness, i.e., psychical phenomena. Of these, the most elusive and problematic to access for controlled research, despite their severe anomalous effects, are the so-called RSPK or ‘poltergeist’ events. And in this domain, the leading scholar for many years has been William Roll. In the engagingly poignant story of his Tina Resch case, Bill shares with his readers the fascinating entanglement of the physical, psychological, medical, and cultural aspects of one of the best-documented poltergeist eruptions in recent history. For professional and general readers alike, this text should provide fascinating insight into this bizarre expression of the complexities of human consciousness and stimulate profound reflection on the nature of our own personal realities." -- Robert Jahn, Professor and Dean, Emeritus, at Princeton University, and author, with Brenda Dunne, of Margins of Reality: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World

"I agreed to take a quick look at Unleashed because poltergeists have long interested me, and I knew that anything William Roll, the world's leading authority on this subject, had to say would be worthwhile. But my quick look turned into reading every word for this is a touching human story, quite aside from its scientific interest!" -- Charles Tart, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Davis campus, University of California, author of Altered States of Consciousness

  William Roll

, is an Oxford-educated parapsychologist on the faculty of the Psychology Department of State University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia. Over the course of his extensive career he has written three books and more than two hundred scientific articles. He has appeared on numerous segments of Unsolved Mysteries, as well as the Discovery Channel and other television documentaries. In 1996 Roll received the Outstanding Career Award from the Parapsychological Association and in 2002 he received the Tim Dinsdale Memorial Award from the Society for Scientific Exploration.

Valerie Storey is a creative writing teacher living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is the author of three books, including The Essential Guide for New Writers: From Idea to Finished Manuscript.

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