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Get the Magical Edge in Business, Work Relationships, and Life
by Lexa Rosean

Griffin, 2001
Magic, 192 pages
ISBN: 0312274769
Trade Paperback, $15.95

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“Hip high priestess of a New York coven and the original "Supermarket Sorceress," Rosean has a wicked sense of humor that makes this book much more enjoyable than the average witches' cookbook. Rosean's multicultural formulas have no-nonsense titles like "Catch a Rich Husband," "Spell to Kill Your Boss," and "Spell to Keep Your Pants On." Most can be executed with items readily available in the supermarket--no eye of newt here. To prove their efficacy, the author supplies anecdotes detailing outrageous (and sometimes unintended) results. A perfect guide for results-oriented weekend witches.” --Publishers Weekly

Easy Enchantments
Sexy Hexes
Supermarket Sorceress

  Lexa Rosean

LEXA ROSEAN has been featured and celebrated as one of today's most fascinating witches on everything from "CNN" to "20/20," to The New York Times and USA Today. Lexa is a Wiccan High Priestess who worships with her coven of 16 years in New York City. She is a counselor and psychic.

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