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Easy Enchantments
By Lexa Rosean

St. Martin’s Griffin, 1999
ISBN: 0312242964
Mind, Body, Spirit, 240 pages
Hardcover, $14.95

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Don’t you wish you could have your proverbial three wishes granted: better love, harmonious relationships, winning lottery numbers? Thanks to Lexa Rosean’s clever spells and rituals, you can! By harnessing your innate power and combining everyday objects such as candles, apples, gum, and honey, you can lessen the negativity in your life and increase your happiness. Rosean, an experienced and respected witch, combines humor, traditional skills, and insight to create this modern guide to enchantments.

Power Spells
Supermarket Sorceress
Sexy Hexes

  Lexa Rosean

LEXA ROSEAN has been featured and celebrated as one of today's most fascinating witches on everything from “CNN” to “20/20,” to The New York Times and USA Today. Rosean is a Wiccan High Priestess who worships with her coven in New York City. She is a counselor and psychic.

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