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The Initiation
by Donald Schnell

Inner Ocean Publishing, 2002
ISBN: 1930722060
Religion and Spirituality, 160 pages
Hardcover, $19.95

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All of us may fantasize about leaving our daily lives to devote ourselves to a higher calling and finding enlightenment. Donald Schnell did, and The Initiation is his story. In 1997 Schnell was summoned to India by his childhood Guru and inducted into one of India’s oldest monastic traditions, The Order of the Swamis. As Prema Baba Swamiji (“Revered Father of Divine Love”), Schnell explored big questions such as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” as well as discovered mysterious, mystical truths that only an open-minded spiritual adventurer could find. The Initiation is a classic tale of a spiritual awakening and transformation.


Donald SchnellKevin J Todeschi: Dream Interpretation (and more!) Made Easy

is a co-author of Fitonics with his wife, Marilyn Diamond. He was raised in the Sonoran Desert on the border of Mexico steeped in the majestic tradition of the Tohono O'dam, the Mysterious Rainmakers. Schnell earned degrees in education and computer science as well as two doctorates in clinical and medical hypnotherapy and theology. He and Diamond teach an online course, Enlightenment 101.

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