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We're Global Citizens
Convesations with Tomorrow's Leaders

by Steffi Schütze 

Paraview Special Editions, 2003 
ISBN: 1-931044-41-4
Culture, 188 pages
Trade Paperback, $14.95

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International House, otherwise known as IHouse, is an institution and community established by the Rockefeller family in New York City. The mission of International House is to enable selected graduate students and interns from countries around the world to live and learn together in a supportive residential community that builds life-long qualities of leadership, tolerance, respect, and friendship among individuals of all nations and backgrounds. This collection of biographical sketches is based on interviews with IHouse residents. They come from rich and poor countries; they worship God, Allah, and Buddha; they are male and female. They call themselves “global citizens,” and in this book they talk honestly and frankly about their dreams, their fears, their happiest moments, and difficult lessons learned. They are our leaders of tomorrow. 

"When Harry Edmonds, John D. Rockefeller Jr., and the Cleveland Dodge family helped create International House in 1924, they foresaw a more interdependent world, and the need to transcend boundaries that have divided people throughout history. Recent events suggest that this need is greater than ever. We invite you to learn more about the House through some of the young people who lived here." -- Paul A. Volcker, Chairman of International House and Donald L. Cuneo, President of International House 


grew up in East Germany. In early childhood she started writing short stories, poems, and plays. She came to New York to study and stayed at the International House, finding it a rewarding and life-changing experience. After Germany was united, she studied journalism and worked for various national German radio stations and newspapers. In 2000, she returned to New York to continue her writing career. We're Global Citizens is her first book.

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