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The Sonic Thread
Sound as a Pathway to Spirituality

by Cynthia Snodgrass

Paraview Press, 2002
ISBN: 1-931044-37-6
Paperback, $15.95

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Several years ago, Reverend Cynthia Snodgrass set out to do a research project to investigate the use of music in spiritual cultures other than her own. What she found was a dazzling array of sacred sounds and spiritual practices that ended up changing her life.

The Sonic Thread is a delightful telling of that journey. With extensive research, Snodgrass shares stories that reveal sound to be a universal and transformational spiritual path. From the transcendent flight of Gregorian chant, to the mesmerizing shaman's drum, to ecstatic Sufi trance, music and sound affect consciousness, providing pathways to original wisdom.

Within these lovely, insightful narratives are exercises and information that help us use sound and music to deepen our spirituality, expand global awareness, and open up to spiritual traditions beyond our own.

"Cynthia Snodgrass takes us on her personal sonic journey with deep questions, musical awareness and a keen spiritual intuition. From mantra to hymns, The Sonic Thread gives us a glimpse into the eternal essence of our vibrational source." -- Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect and The Roar of Silence

  Cynthia Snodgrass

CYNTHIA SNODGRASS has an undergraduate degree in Renaissance music and a master's degree in musicology from Syracuse University, as well as a Master's of Divinity from Bexley Hall. An ordained Episcopal priest, she has served as a hospice chaplain for more than seventeen years. She is the founder of the Sacred Sound Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to the spiritually therapeutic benefits of sacred sound. As Senior Instructor at the American Sanskrit Institute, she teaches Sanskrit and offers workshops on the use of sacred sound across the United States. She has produced and recorded two CDs of sacred chant.

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