Paraview Speakers Bureau

Make your next meeting, seminar, article, or TV or radio spot a memorable one by interviewing a Paraview author. Our authors are experts in fields that transform society -- science, spirituality, alternative health, astrology, psychology, and more. All arrangements regarding a speakerís appearance are to be agreed upon between you and the speaker. If youíd like to interview one of our authors, contact us.
Speaker Jeanne Avery
Author of Astrology and Your Health
Astrology and Your Past Lives
A Soulís Journey
Location Los Angeles
Topics Astrology and success
Astrology and health
Healing the child within through past-life regression
The karma of the Holocaust
Healing the present through past-life regression
Speaker Bruce Bynum
Author of Families and the Interpretation of Dreams
The African Unconscious
Location Amherst, MA
Topics Dreams and family relationships of all kinds
Dreams and healing/medicine/psychiatry
Dreams and psychic phenomena (ESP, telepathy, precognition)
Dreams and lucid or conscious dreaming/lucid dreaming
Dreams and social issues, e.g. racial, sexual, cultural dynamics

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