Paraview Speakers Bureau

Make your next meeting, seminar, article, or TV or radio spot a memorable one by interviewing a Paraview author. Our authors are experts in fields that transform society -- science, spirituality, alternative health, astrology, psychology, and more. All arrangements regarding a speaker’s appearance are to be agreed upon between you and the speaker. If you’d like to interview one of our authors, contact us.
Speaker Loren Coleman
Author of Bigfoot: The True Story of Apes in America
Mysterious America: The Revised Edition
Mothman and Other Curious Encounters
Location Portland, ME, but willing to travel worldwide
Topics Bigfoot
Mysterious creatures (cryptozoology) in the U.S.
Strange phenomena
The Copycat Effect/media
Fortean subjects and kids
Speaker Nick Redfern
Author of Three Men Seeking Monsters
Strange Secrets
A Covert Agenda
Location Dallas
Topics Cryptozoology in the UK (unknown animals such as lake monsters,
Government files on UFOs
Real government X-Files
The CIA’s search for the remains of Noah’s Ark

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