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Make your next meeting, seminar, article, or TV or radio spot a memorable one by interviewing a Paraview author. Our authors are experts in fields that transform society -- science, spirituality, alternative health, astrology, psychology, and more. All arrangements regarding a speaker’s appearance are to be agreed upon between you and the speaker. If you’d like to interview one of our authors, contact us.

Speaker John Adams, Ph.D.
Author of Life Changes: A Guide to the Seven Stages of Personal Growth
Location San Francisco
Topics Life Changes: Growing through Personal Transition
Resilience and Work-Life Balance
Thinking Today as if Tomorrow Mattered
Influencing Effectively: Basic Consulting Skills
Speaker Bruce Bynum
Author of Families and the Interpretation of Dreams
The African Unconscious
Location Amherst, MA
Topics Dreams and family relationships of all kinds
Dreams and healing/medicine/psychiatry
Dreams and psychic phenomena (ESP, telepathy, precognition)
Dreams and lucid or conscious dreaming/lucid dreaming
Dreams and social issues, e.g. racial, sexual, cultural dynamics
Speaker Chellie Campbell
Author of The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction
Location Los Angeles
Topics The Wealthy Spirit: Three Keys to Prosperity
$ecrets of $elling
Goal Setting Isn't Enough -- Goal Getting Is
It's Not Net-Sit, It's Not Net-Eat, It's Net-Work!
Speaker Daryl Paulson
Author of Competitive Business, Caring Business
Location Bozeman, Montana, but will travel
Topics Integral psychology
Transpersonal psychology
Responsible business
War trauma
Speaker Agapi Stassinopoulos
Author of Gods and Goddesses in Love
Location California
Topics Conversations with the Goddesses
Looking for love in all the right places
Exploring your seven goddesses and claiming your natural gifts
Applying ancient wisdom to 21st century business
Claiming our heritage
Speaker Jenny Wade, Ph.D.
Author of Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil
Location Corte Madera, CA
Topics Sex, gender, and spirituality
Prenatal psychology
Integral psychology
Applying developmental psychology to business, organization, leadership, and personal transformation

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